Chart for Reps -> Maxs?

Anyone have a link to a chart that compares number of reps to maxes? I remembering seeing such a chart at a gym one time and remember it being fairly accurate. 

I DLed 385 seven times in my last set and I was just curious what my approximate max would be.


This might help

lets you calc your percentages as well as 1RM, bare in mind there’s always room for error when you do it for real!

Yeah there’s always something different about actually doing a 1RM. Keep in mind that with these calculators, you can usually input a weight performed for anywhere between 1 and 10 reps. They are most accurate when you’ve tested with lower reps (say 405x3) as opposed to with higher reps (275x10).

I haven’t checked out the one but has one as well.

Nice lift by the way.


I believe there is too much variation between individuals for these to be reliable.

A method that is not too bad is to measure individual results at 5 or 6 RM as well as 3RM, figure the pounds added per rep decreased, and figure the 1RM accordingly.

E.g. if 300 lb at 5RM and 320 lb at 3RM, that’s 10 lb per rep and thus figure 340 as a crude 1RM.

Sometimes actual will be better because of a bigger jump between 1 RM and 2RM than between later reps, or less because of neurological factors being the limiting factor, e.g. Golgi tendon organ inhibition. In some cases a person’s 1RM may not be substantially higher than their 3RM – basically they shut down with anything much past the 3RM – but their potential for 1RM is.