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Charly Says... Must Train Harder!


Hi all :slight_smile:

Well I have been reading T-Nation articles for about, oh, 18mths now...and today finally read some of your training logs...and feel both humbled (read: slack) and inspired at that same time! I've been lifting for about 5 yrs now, but mainly for general health. Def not going to be pulling 140kg DLs any time soon (let's be honest, ever), however this year I am keen to up my numbers and see some real gains.

Age: 29
Height: 173cm
Weight: 53kg
BF%: 20% (as of Nov 2010)

Focus for 2011:
- consistency (my biggest failing)
- drop several % BF
- be able to do more than 1 pullup at a time!
- improvements in numbers on squat and DL (bench not so much due to injury issues)

Bit unfocused with my training right now. Usually I hit the gym with a plan, but last night I was restless and not sure whether I cbf working out...and ended up going w/o a plan and did the following:

front squat 4 x 8 x 20kg
DL 4 x 6 x 35kg
bench 3 x 10 x 20kg
step ups 3 x 4 ea side x 25kg
assisted pullup 2 x 6 @ L6 (no idea what kg that is, but the machine goes from L20 easiest to L1 hardest).
HIIT: 8 x 1min run/walk.

As you can see, my numbers are pretty low and I tend to do too high reps. I work out at a normal gym, no training partner or coach. And I also do some dance, kettlebells, running, yoga to mix things up.

Anyway, any suggestions now or any time are more than welcome!

Here's to some improvements in 2011 :slight_smile:


First in!
my work here is done.

Oh and wellcome to PW


First man to make his mark.

On your goals, don't be so vague or open-ended. Set small goals and big ones. Throw some numbers in there. That'll be a good start. And I'll be the first to say this: Pics, or it didn't happen! Welcome!


PW can be a humbling place, but very motivating for the same reasons!


Welcome. I certainly wouldn't worry about dropping fat at this point - at 53kg you are very light for your height (for imperial Americans, she's 117lbs at 5'8"). I'd concentrate on adding muscle and rehabbing your injuries. Good luck.


beast, you're not 'sposed to pee on the new people!

cal- imperial americans. i see what you did there.

charly- explanations are cool, excuses are not. whatever you do, be passionate about it. don't be boring. show up with a sense of humor.

that is all, for now.


Hi and welcome.



Specific goals x2.

My main motivation for getting to the gym is seeing what I can do today that I couldn't do yesterday.

Got totally addicted to the rush of improved performance (and this endorphin rush or something I get from lifting close to my max) and never looked back.

Training partners can be a mixed blessing, I think... If 2 people with internal motivation train together great things can come of it. If 2 people train together in the hope that the other will motivate them, then a lot of pissing around can result.

Welcome :slight_smile: