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Charlies Angels = Singing in the Rain

I don’t know how many people have seen the new one?

The best scene is when they are all helping Drew Berrymore’s charter move in - and the dance monologue starts
You can’t touch this…

I love 80’s crap so that went over well
But the best part was

the “Good Morning” scene from Singing in the Rain started. It is a complete remake of Debbie Reynolds Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor when they jump up on the couch flip it over and land laughing.

Ahhh oldies but goodies.


Ahh that’s ok I liked it… it’s a junk style movie but hey I liked it

you know you have been reading the forum too much when the phrase “good morning” is used and you picture in your head three babes bending at the waist with heavy pounds on their backs…I need a life!

The only time I plan on watching this movie is when my girlfriend comes back. She told me that I should see it and I said that I’d wait for when she comes back so we can see it together.

Yep, Chris is gonna get some.

Heck, I’d watch Beaches if it meant getting some.

Gee, Silles…pissed off that Tiger sucked Ass today? I mean all Eva did was post a uh…a um…ah, crap…

O.K, ~E~, I can’t defend this, for CHRISTS SAKE!, CHARLIES FREAKING ANGELS?

What were you thinking? I am broken hearted, such a model/prototypical T-Vixen saying something so…so…so SOY!

There, I said it and I’m not taking it back.

If I hurt your feelings, I’m sorry but sometimes the most important lessons hurt the most.


[mostly joking]


I was more inspired by the revalation of the stolen scene to post and coment on the movie.

I don’t care if it is a full on fluff movie I liked it.
What ever flame on I still have the Old school shirt from when I was a little girl.
I think it would be a blast to make that type of film. No no brain twisting going on just fluff.
Ummm cake how was that spelt Pppffffffffphhttssss