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Charlie Sheen's Replacement


So Ashton Kutcher will be replacing Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half men





That's kind of disappointing. If you follow that second link to the Sheen/Entourage article it mentions rumors that Jeremy Piven was being looked at for the role since Entourage will be over by then. I think he'd be a much better fit, though the role (assuming the replacement will still be some sort of spiraling womanizer) might be too close to his Entourage role.

Still a hell of a lot better than Hugh Grant.


Are they going to rename it "Two (1 + 1/2 + 1/2) Men"?

God, that joke was awful. I hate Ashton Kucher.


Piven would be epic. Hugh Grant would've been a HUGE mistake.

I don't mind Kucher though...


Piven would be worth watching. Ashton fuck no.
It was my favorite sitcom on today, read the only one I will stop to watch besides sports.

The producer is a major asshole n Sheen made the show work. To bad the producers ego got in the way


The producer was Sheen's sponsor in AA. Sheen ruined his anonymity in public and then proceeded to lambast a program that has saved millions of lives because he thinks he has "tiger's blood." Sheen's the asshole whose ego got in the way. You have it entirely backwards so shut the fuck up until you know even an inkling about what you're talking about.


I would have gone with either Carrot Top or Paul Reubens.


AA uses god and religion to try and help people. its a form of brainwashing. Not everyone needs a group to get off drugs or alcohol. many people just simply stop doing it. Charlie sheen has proved he can go without any drugs, as he passed 2 drug tests to prove it.


i wanted jeremy piven to take over for sheen.


Is he going to be charlie harper in the show or are they introducing him as a new character?


You don't know the first fucking thing about AA, so just stop talking about it right now while your leg is only knee-deep in your mouth. AA does not use religion or God at all; it simply uses the concept of a Higher Power, ANY Higher Power. Half the people in AA are agnostics and atheists, and they do just fine.

If you believe he really passed those tests you're even stupider than you present yourself to be.

Even if he did pass them, all that shit with him a while back was clearly the behavior of someone who is suffering from prolonged drug use. He's manic-depressive and he was in a huge manic state at the time, which was probably exacerbated by him not having done drugs, if that was the case. I love how he laughed at people who OD, yet failed to mention that he OD'd in 1998 and his own father turned him into his probation officer as a result.

Also, about people who simply stop using drugs: those people aren't "addicts", they're heavy drug users. There is a difference. For those whose lives are in jeopardy due to their drug use, they cannot simply stop, or else they would before their lives deteriorate drastically, rather than afterward. As someone who used to drink so heavily that I would puke into a cup in the morning and then drink my puke because of the alcohol in it, and as someone who put a loaded shotgun in my mouth before I quit drinking/drug use, I don't have any tolerance for some dipshit who clearly doesn't know the first thing about AA or addiction in general.


He can down in infamy with the ladies that played Vivian Banks on Fresh Prince. I really hope they just introduce a new character, even though I'm sure how they do it will make no sense and the connection to the existing characters will be tenuous at best.


I'm guessing he's going to be a new character and not actually play Charlie Harper.

I wonder how they're going to fill the gaps in the storyline.


I agree. There is too much of Charlie Sheen in Charlie Harper to bring the character back. They obviously played on Sheen's rep as a boozy womanizing drug addict from the outset. Good idea on paper: addict playing addict requires no acting. They seemed to have underestimated that play because it eventually backfired on their asses. Like him or not, there is a lot of truth to Sheen's claims that he was indispensable. They basically wrote around him.

I don't think the show has a lot of mileage left in it, TBH. At some point the kid is going to be a man; then they'll have to rename the show Three Men...where do they go from there? Three Men and a Baby?


Same way Television always does it, playing the ignorance card and assuming the viewers are stupid and will move on, no questions asked.

Why am I posting in this thread, I don't even watch the show.


well, it would appear that this is the last time i'll watch 2 1/2 men. sheen or nothing.


Cool, even more of a reason to not watch the show lol

Lol i kid. if you watch it...coolbeans. w/e


Ya, I don't give the show very long. Although, sheen resurrected his career by taking over for Michael J. fox on spin city.

I'm guessing they will have charlie harper die(producers will take cheap shots at sheen) Allen somehow manages to get the house even though charlie leaves it to berta. then ashton kutcher allens long lost cousin who he sees at chalies funeral will ask if he can stay with allen for a little while till he gets on his feet and the cycle repeats itself. lol


They'll just have Charlie, played by Ashton Kutcher, wake up having just dreamed that Charlie Sheen was living his life for the last 5 years.