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Charlie Sheen Restraining Order



Read Denise Richards' court document. Seems credible. The more people who know the safer for her. We don't want him to be like OJ and get away with it.

Charlie Sheen makes Tom Cruise seem very likeable.


And Denise Richards was in the process of stealing her best friend's husband (Heather Locklear/Richie Sambora) while all this was allegedly going down.

Denise and Charlie deserve each other.


Ahhh... springtime... and love.

I'm going to go write a poem now. See y'all later.


I will never, for the life of me, understand why women like Sheen. No personality, no brain, no body... even his face is screwy. The guy looks like he took a hockey puck to the face, always has, and it's just getting worse as he ages (poorly).




There is a saying in Britian.

'6 of one and half a dozen of another' - and this is basically what i see here.

Wife marries man.
He doesnt change.
She tries - fails.
They 'mess' about.
Messy fall out, name calling etc etc.

Moral of story - dont fall for bitchy women/playboys.


What about his side of the story? Everything I see points to Richards as a fairly unstable person.

The restraining order is just some shyster ploy for the divorce proceedings.


Have you seen Richie Sambora lately? He looks like a puffy version of Lee Van Cleef.


Wow...it's hard to imagine. Another Hollywood nut ball.....Who would have thought?


To me it just sounds like a really ugly breakup, and the phone messages he left are just of a pissed off guy cursing out his (soon to be) ex-wife. That said, yeah, he sounds like a total tool and a lousy-ass husband, but the "child porn" allegations sounded like total BS, as there's plenty of adult porn where women put on schoolgirl skirts and pig tails and such and do a young girl roleplaying type of thing. Oh, and having shaven hoo-ha's is pretty darn common too. :wink: It doesn't sound like he was into any acutal child porn.

She claims he pushed her down at one point. Maybe, maybe not. Who the hell knows? It's an ugly, public divorce that's going on, so who the hell knows what to make of her claims?

He's clearly a scumbag, and apparently so is she.


I'm sure she was asking for it.

She always struck me as a vapid airhead who coasted through life on her good looks. I don't get the sense of entitlement that "beautiful people" like that have.


Asking for it?

You really have to explain that one.


You know --- mouthing off...not listening --- that sort of thing. Asking for it.

C'mon! You know what I'm talking about!!


Hey maybe you can come over later and we can beat our girlfriends.


So she asked to be man handled because she was "mouthing off and not listening?"

You need some help my friend!

No woman deserves to be pushed around..for any reason.

If you cannot solve your disagreement by communication then leave the area and comeback later.

If you were dating my daughter and ever laid a violent hand on her I would knock your lights out.

And I'm a nice guy....



I'm a nice guy too --- though occasionally I can't avoid the urge to stir the pot a little and get people worked up.

Thanks for playing.


How about we refrain from arbitrarily siding with either party since none of us have any insight into the situation.


I don't think this is what simon meant, but some women DO intentionally provoke men to try to get them to be violent. The (possibly subconscious) goals are often to master pain (by causing it to be done), to confirm that he "cares," and to reap the rewards of his remorse after the fact. Which isn't to say that it's right to hit a woman who behaves in such a way, but that some women do actually "ask for it."


I don't get you guys some times. Is Arnold the only actor that is not hated passionatly? Imho, he is the best parody actor I've seen so far. Certainly that doesn't make him immune to the law offcourse. However I don't quite see the comparison to OJ.

The article shows that Denise has for some reason been digging up a lot of dirt to provoke, humiliate and generally being a bitch . While it may be a crime to hit her, I believe this is absolutely "asking for it" though. It all seems like a really bad breakup between a bitch and an asshole. But c'mon, this ain't exactly murder nor rape either.


I like Sheen as an actor
but the man is truly a nut.

He wrote checks to Heidi Fleiss! What a dumbass.

Of course with Martin Sheen for a father Charlie did not grow up right.