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Charlie Sheen Booed Off Stage


I'm glad this turned out as it did, maybe this will be the last time we have to hear about him



Like Lisa Simpson said, I don't get why they'd show up to boo him.




I like how you say "maybe this is the last time we will have to hear about him." You know, I went until just last week until I knew there was Charlie Sheen things happening. I didn't even know what winning was, care about who he's fucking or what drugs he's taking.

Stop watching bullshit evening 'news' programs where they gossip about celebrities and throw out your copies of People magazine.

Seriously, why the fuck do people give a shit about what some druggie is doing over in Hollyweird?


Cause he's cool?


Its hard to miss when he's on CNN, New York Times, and every other "news" station or paper. You'd have to be living under a rock not to know whats going on.


He's going down hill pretty fast. He's old news now and is trying to keep him in the spotlight. I heard he is making a song(s) with Snoop Dog and a former Slip Knot (I think Slip Knot or was it Korn) band member. Give it a rest.


Oh, jeese stop acting like you're some big tough guy cause you watch zero TV, and don't read any news what so ever. He was all over every media source.


Don't attack a winner like that. not cool dude, not cool


You couldn't have spent more than a couple minutes looking at a newspaper/the internet/tv/listening to the radio last month without having heard mention of it.

Even if you managed to avoid all that, if you have even minimal contact with people outside of internet forums you would have undoubtedly heard someone mention it in passing.


Trashy celeb shit is hugely entertaining, and when I am not building my brain reading classic literature, I am destroying it with TMZ. Personally, I feel that the juxtaposition of the Brothers Karamozov and the Sisters Kardashian makes me more interesting, not less.

That said, I have tickets to see Sheen in NYC this friday, and I am even more pumped to see this train wreck now.


KaramAzov. But yeah, Charlie Sheen's whole ordeal is quite entertaining.


noted =)

At least I spelled Kardashian right.


What's a charlie sheen? I hear all the young'uns talking about it these days.


I've read the book twice and studied Russian lit. under native Ruskies, and I have never seen it spelled that way.


I believe it's a drug that's not available. If you tried it once you would die, face would melt off, and children would weep over your exploded body. Just a guess though




Well said buddy.


Charlie and his antics aside, I listen to this song and I feel like I can take on the world. I probably can't, but the confidence boost is nice anyway.

Also, it's very catchy.


Oh wow, I'm an idiot. I didn't even catch that Roman'd misspelled it. I thought you were just weird and implying that the third "a" gets capitalized. Derp.