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Charlie Sheen Admits He Used Steroids...


"Turns out Wild Thing's fastball had a little extra juice."

Okay so either he's fucking around and SI bought his shit or he really did use steroids for "6-8 weeks" for a baseball movie.


Why would it surprise you if he did?


Because when I think of Charlie Sheen the last thing I equate with him are steroids.


I always figured actors took steroids while getting ready for certain movie roles. They get paid millions of dollars to look a cartain way in a short amount of time, why wouldn't they use? There is no penalty for roids in the movie biz.

Also Sheen did have a pretty damn good pitching delivery in that movie, the guy used to be athletic as hell. I think there was a recent video of him goin yard on a major league size field so he is still pretty damn athletic for his age.


He's an actor though. They do all kinds of stuff to get in an ideal shape for a role.

Especially at his level. If a 20 mil movie calls for a quick lean bulk you thinks he's gonna be like "no,maybe next year when I get my training and diet right?"


He's lying. He's full of shit. First of all, as someone who has actually played baseball and thrown 85+mph, I can tell you that Sheen was not even coming close to 85mph in that movie and his throwing motion was so poor that if he could throw 85 with that delivery than with a more mechanically-sound delivery he would be throwing even harder than that.

Furthermore, steroids aren't going to help put that much velocity on someone's fastball in that short of a time. 6-8 weeks is about the same time it would take to regain arm strength if someone hasn't thrown in a while, so even if he could throw 85, he reached that false speed simply because it took him that long to stretch his arm out and regain his arm strength.

This is just some bullshit attempt by Charlie Sheen to try and get more people to watch Major League again so he continues to remain somewhat relevant in the public's mind.



Apparently he could play. Was even offered a scholarship (that is if you can believe anything he says).


If true, it just shows that steroids alone won't make you jacked.

The average guy walking around my town carries as much muscle as he did in that movie.


Well we already knew he took greenies, of sorts.


He had to be using roids in the Rambo satire movie(Hot Shots Part Deux?).


None of the above debunks his claim. He claims he used steroids. His pitching motion and speed are irrelevant to the claim.


Sheen was a very good high school baseball player in California(I think) before he was kicked out of school. Fucking guy had it all


I do believe that in the article, or at least in one that I read, that he attributed a 6mph gain in velocity during filming to the steroids.


So it's impossible for steroids to increase a persons fastball 6mph in 6-8 weeks (still a slow fastball by Major League standards), but it's possible for drugs to turn a player who hit 3 home runs between April '09 and August '09 into a 50+ home run type hitter by September '09? For anyone not following, I'm referring to Jose Bautista.

Also If you write a huge wall of text I'm just not going to bother reading your response.


Yeah, I imagine he was using for ^that one, but wouldn't think so for Major league. It's very common for actors to partake of AAS for roles though. For some reason, they get a pass in the media about it because they're not "cheating" in sporting events.



I always think of christian bale going from 120 in the machinist to 220 in batman in less than a year. I when I talk to people who don't lift, they are hard pressed to admit he basically had to be using. But, on the other hand, they all know that a professional athlete who puts on 20 or 30 pounds of quality muscle over several years is a no good steroid freak.


I don't know about the rest of you guys, but for some reason a lot of people in the gym tell me what they use. I guess because they think I'm on stuff. But you might be surprised that a lot of the people using barely workout and look entirely average.

I even had one guy tell me he was peeing green because of something he was on.

It makes me feel good to be bigger and stronger than a lot of guys on gear.


I think the answer to this is pretty simple.

Steroids will improve an athlete's athletic ability but not an actors ability to act. So I understand why all ridicule is aimed solely at using athletes.

But I also agree the "steroids are the work of the devil" crowd shouldn't give anyone a pass.


There are plenty people that throw 85+ with a less than "mechanically-sound" delivery. Tim Lincecum and Kevin Appier to name a few. Teams care more about results than whether someone is "mechanically-sound." No way would a team want someone with Lincecum's build and delivery if he didn't have 95mph heat to back it up. I believe the claim Sheen threw 85.


I have a feeling I'm entering into an intellectual quagmire by engaging you in a conversation as ridiculous as this. But I'll try.

First of all, your comparison of Sheen to Bautista is asinine. I have never claimed that Bautista is on steroids so I really don't know why you would bring him into the conversation. If you can come somewhat close to convincing me that Bautista is anywhere close to being relevant to this conversation I might respond. Otherwise, just drop the Bautista thing entirely. I'm not Cuban32 and I do not intend to engage you in a pages-long argument that goes nowhere.

As for Sheen, no it is not impossible for steroids to increase the velocity on one's fastball, but it is very unlikely that steroids are responsible for adding 6mph in 6-8 weeks to Sheen's fastball. First of all, the only way steroids are going to put velocity on a fastball is by strengthening the pitcher's legs and lower back, and even then this tends to allow a pitcher to throw longer at the same speed more so than it allows them to throw harder overall.

I've never seen a healthy pitcher, EVER, add 6mph to their fastball in 6-8 weeks simply from gaining strength. It happens due to fixing a major mechanical flaw, recovering from injury or working back into throwing shape after the offseason.

My point is that what Sheen attributes to steroids is probably just him regaining his motion and arm strength naturally. If steroids were really capable of that kind of addition in velocity, Roger Clemens wouldn't have seen his velocity steadily dip as he grew older. It would have at least stayed the same, if not gone up, if this was true.

At the time when he allegedly started using steroids, Clemens was still throwing mid to high 90's on a regular basis. Why didn't he make the jump into a consistent triple-digit velocity. If it was as simple as taking steroids, EVERY pitcher would take them.

Look, Sheen was apparently a pretty decent player in high school and I don't think he was more than maybe 26 or 27 when he filmed Major League, so if he had the potential at one point to throw hard, then I could see how he was able to put that kind of velocity onto his fastball in such a short time. Think about it. If you could add 6mph to any Major League pitcher, they'd all be entirely different.

There is a huge difference between 85 and 91 and 97. You know when you see that kind of jump in velocity normally? Between the first and second or third week of Spring Training when pitchers are still working themselves into shape. That's all that Sheen did.