Charlie`s Angels Full Throttle

Saw the pic last night. It lives up to the trailer: Action, not serious at all, lots of tightly dressed women, follows the original formula, seriously flawed laws of physics, etc.

In short, if you liked the first, or if you ever wondered what those japanese anime would look in real life (like a guy jumping off the bridge of a tanker and landing 200+ feet below on his feet without feeling the effects of gravity at all), or what Matrix Bullet Time looks like in a real life setting…well…you`ll have plenty coming up in this sequel.

Not bad for 6.49$ =0)

  Hmm. I thought this movie was... a worthless piece of crap.

  Sorry, but this is simply your typical 14 yr old teen movie. The actresses are put to no use in the movie and the fact that you get 3 beautiful women in tight dresses doesnt make for good acting scenes - much less for an interesting/compelling movie.

  I give it 3 thumbs down.

  (I got em dont I?)

A couple guys on dorm were watching the first one on video earlier this school year. I walked in, watched 10 minutes of it, and walked out.

It was HORRIBLE! I have no intentions whatsoever of seeing the second one. If I wanna watch tightly dressed women I’ll…I dunno what I’ll do, but I’m pretty sure I can find my tightly dressed women other places than Charlie’s Angels.

Besides, if I go see it, seeing Asian Lucy Liu would remind me too much of my woman and I’d probably run out of the theater sobbing.

I didn’t think it was that great either, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of Lucy Lu. I honestly think it’s the freckles that does it for me. WTF?! Otherwise this movie sucked. That’s my humble opinion though…

I haven’t decided if I’m going to see Full Throttle. After all, I could rent Striptease and rub one out in the comfort of my own home. I don’t like having a hard on in a movie theater. I always hear the whispers from people around me: “Hey, honey, I don’t think those are Junior Mints in his lap.”

It sucks indeed. GUARANTEED! I would have definitely felt ripped off if I had paid the usual 12$ for a flick (and, nope, I would have never paid that for that film at start).

Once again, I was confirmed that I generally prefer the bad guys (in this case Bad Girl) because they`re more intelligent, less restricted in thought and action, and that the Good Guys are just, well, DUMB, in comparison.

Like Neo in the Matrix. Asides kicking butt, did he ever bring something intelligent to the plot? Not the impression I get. Just follows others ideas, dreams and pointers. Take (ex-Agent) Smith in the first Matrix. Just the Virus speech to Morpheus has more thought than the whole Neo banter in both films. And the Architect, hes God. =0)

Sure, I could ramble of all the piles of stupidity and general feel good, leave brains at the ticket stand concept, but Id spoil some peoples expectations. Maybe, with a big disclaimer, I spew out the Venom…

The first one did horrendous in theatres, everyone thought it sucked, and it lasted only a little while before it went to blockbuster. Gee, can we make a 2nd one and show how horrendous we are again? Yes let’s do it!! Granted, Demi Moore is hot, but so fucking what. Striptease you can see her implants, and that was good. Drew Barrymore is ugmo, Cameron Diaz is a yearling tree (i.e. skinny) that talks. Lucy Liu - you can’t tell if she’s looking at you or to your side.

Sorry, I saw the first 10 minutes of the first one and left the room.

P.S. Lucy Liu is hot though.

6.49 for a movie its 9.25 where i live

What bothers me is all the press its getting. Didn’t anyone see the first one? I’m also getting sick of how they act when they are giving interviews. They act like a bunch of 12 yr olds at a slumber party, each with their own different stereotype,( Bad girl, brainy ect). I’m sorry I just don’t like Charlie’s Angels.

Well it’s offical…all the press and Charlie’s Angels is a flop.It only made 38 million this weekend and it will be phased out by next week’s T3 premier…nuff said

ONLY made 38 million? Hulk made 62.6 million, and that was tremendous. 38 million is pretty damn good.

It was the #1 movie this week. Not too bad. I saw it. It was silly and a couple of the girls looked anorexic, but it was okay for that kind of check-your-brain movie.

Go see “28 Days Later” instead: zombie horror from the maker of Trainspotting!

When all these stars are making 15-20 million a film then 38 million is nothing now.I’m willing to bet this film has to make 60 million just to break even.Compared to all the other big name summer movies it’s a flop.Even 2fast2furious made over 50 million the first weekend and that was without Vin Diesel.

38 million may sound like alot, but what was the budget on this film? I know Cameron Diaz alone makes like $15million a picture.

JWright, you don’t know what you’re talking about with all due respect. The first movie was very much a success, here is the data:
$92,000,000 Production Budget
$125,305,545 gross in America alone.
And no, I’m not a fan at all, I’ve got 2 teenage sisters who love it and I refused to both go with them to watch it or view it on rental.

And $38 is admittingly pretty good for opening weekend. The last Bond flick made $45 million opening weekend and that was against Harry Potter. Also, the Bourne Identity only made like $31 million it’s opening weekend but still stayed and went up against prime compeition last summer.

I said 38 mil was a good opening weekend, read it again.

Around where I live, the theatres only had the 1st flick for a month, maybe 5 weeks. Good movies last much longer than that. I didn’t know it made so much money though. Thanks for pointing that out.

I saw it tonight. For entertainment purposes only. If you can deal with that, it’s amusing and entertaining. Oh yeah, it only cost me $5.

Hey guys don’t forget. I learn in this movie that Titanium will float in champain. LOL

Its sad when the HULK, a comic is more serious than Charlies Angel. I don’t even think comic books would go that off beat. It also seemed that everyone could get power or walk through fire.

I think the same people that made this movie made the fouth batman.

matinee movies are like $5.25 here, also the Matrix Reloaded is playing at an IMAX near here for $10. Badass.

Come to Canada and pay 14 bucks for a fucking movie!!! Grhhhhhhhhh. :slight_smile: