Charlie Mike - Veteran's Journey


Yesterday 6/8

Lower Body Focus

Deadlight (Sumo)
215 x 10
225 x 10
235 x 8

Leg Extensions (3 count up/ 1 count hold/ 3 count down)
35 x 10
40 x 10
45 x failure

Leg curls (3 count up/ 1 count hold/ 3 count down)
30 x 10
35 x 10
40 x failure

Most days I would have added an ab circuit here, but it was 91 in my garage yesterday and I believe I felt a little more fatigued than usual from being at a deficit in my calorie intake. Though that may have been just in my head.

Glad to see you keeping at it. You’ve hit that point where you have seen enough payoff from your efforts, you’re motivated to double down and work even harder. Good stuff.
Are you lifting on a program or intuitively?

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Thanks. It has been no easy feat. It has really become psychological warfare with myself on this diet.

I do an upper lower split every week they I have felt out based on my recoveries and soreness. So I guess a little bit of my own, but started off a Google search.
Upper body
Lower body (Ab work)
Upper body
Lower body
Rest (Ab work)

Lower body focus

Deep squats barbell with a form focus
225 x 10
235 x 10
215 x 10
185 x failure
150 x failure

Good mornings barbell
110 x 10
110 x 10
100 x 10
90 x failure

Fire hydrants (imagine a dog peeing on one and that is it. It is a good burn)
Each leg to failure x 3

Bulgarian squats single leg dumbbells
45 per hand x 10 per leg
50 per hand x 8 per leg
40 per hand x failure

Well I bambi-legged the shit out of myself which felt good. I guess we shall see 2 days from now

An update, I dropped to 188 lb over the weekend and looking in the mirror, it seems more muscle loss than fat. This leads me to believe that I am shorting myself to much, so starting this week I will shoot for no less than 2000 kcal to hopefully ensure this does not happen further.

This is from 3 years ago.

Edit: This is before working out aka pump free today.

So, been focusing on eating healthier for size or “clean” bulking as they say. I must say that I have been extremely happy with the results. I do believe I am carrying a little bit more than usual water weight, but this maybe due to uping the amount of creatine I have been taking.

Just found your log—I’m in for this, my man!

And you should be. That’s quite a change. Nice work!

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Thanks. Definitely been a rough journey, but one well worth it.

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This does not include the supplements I take.