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Charlie Hebdo: Standing Up to Terrorism



These French guys have WAY more balls than anyone that I personally know. I respect them immensely for that.

If only we would ALL stand up to extremism like this, it wouldn't be able to continue. I didn't hear about anyone getting hurt on "Everyone Draw Muhammad Day." It's because people stood together. Good luck attacking all of us, bastards. This needs to happen more often, so people learn that being made fun of is not an excuse to throw a tantrum and blow shit up. Jews, Christians, Buddhists, atheists, and the vast majority of Muslims don't turn into angry 7 year olds when they're insulted. Extremists need to pick up on that lesson.


You're onto plums with that one mate.

These people are beyond hope.



Bombs away or bust.


There's already a tread for this, I am not sure if you noticed...

Yes, I admire their balls and their lack of apology for it. It's time people quit acting like chicken shit from the treat of muslim violence. You don't make a point by caving, you make a point by standing up to it...