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Charlie Francis

i’ve been meaning to post about this for a while. since coach King commented on Charlie Francis’ training ingenuity i figure now is a good time for discussion.

what happened to t-mag and Francis? he was with us for a while and wrote mostly about steroids, but we didn’t really get to peer into his mind.

does anybody know anything about Francis’ theories and practices? the only info i can find is in t-nation’s archives, but they leave much to be desired.

it seems that all sensible coaches and trainers consider coach Francis to be a training genius and one of the greatest coaches of all time. yet he remains quite the enigma.

any info about Charlie Francis’ theories and practices is much appreciated.

Charlie has his own website if you want to learn more about his theories. He has some books that are there, as well as a forum with a lot of informative discussions.
Regarding Charlie and T-nation, he wasn’t a regular contributor, he just wrote a few articles for them.

If you are involved in any sport that requires speed then I’d definitly recommend his information. Even if you aren’t, the information is still worth a read. He has some unique insights.

He has books describing his training methods. They are available on his website.

I am a member over at Charlie Francis’s. He makes posts on the forum on a daily basis, and interacts with the members. That site has a ton of info there, I recommend it highly.

[quote]Cowboy92 wrote:
He has books describing his training methods. They are available on his website.[/quote]

I highly recommend both “Speed Trap” (a historical account of events leading up, including, and after the '88 Olympics) and “Training for Speed” (also known as Charlie Francis Training System; about his system and sprinting in general). Great books, even if you are not a sprinter.