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Charlie Francis

I just received the book Training For Speed by Charlie Francis from Amazon. It’s Great! It has great info and technique, massage types, training,recuperation and restoration. I highly recommend it.
I’ve taken all of Dr. Leahy’ work, courses by Chek, poliquin, and Westside and it’s amazing to see how far ahead he was. Everyone should get a copy.

Does the book also have info that applies well to weight lifting

I hear you loud and clear! I really enjoyed “Training for Speed.” The only thing I wish there was more of would be specifics on weight training.

Charlie talks about how being strong is important and that his athletes used power cleans, the bench and half squat, but he didn't give any good training programs.

But overall, the book is very good. And now that he is writing for T-mag, maybe we can get some good weight training advice out of him!