Charlie Francis Interview

Hey, T-maggers, I just got off the phone with Charlie Francis. If you’ll remember, you guys helped me come up with interview questions a few weeks ago. I used quite a few of them, too, so thanks! The interview went great! This guy is a genius, no doubt about it. Hope everyone will enjoy the interview when it’s published.

He didn’t give any insight to the upcoming Olympics did he?

He did, but mostly about drug use. The rest you’ll have to read when the article comes out. :slight_smile:

Chris-When should we expect the interview to be published. By the way, you are a genius. Thanks for tracking Charlie down and speaking with him.

Scarface, I’m typing it up right now. When and where it’s published is up to TC. If it turns out good, it may go in paper issue #3.

The article was fantastic! Charlie is most definitely an intelligent coach. From what I hear even the East Germans applauded him. Is anyone suprised out there when he said that it takes 10-12 days to fully recover from a max effort lift (100 % of max)?