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Charleston, SC Restaurants?


Looking for recommendations for restaurants in downtown (or nearby surrounding area) Charleston, SC. Not looking for bar type places as this is for people in their mid 60s.
Thanks, any recommedations would be appreciated.


Can you narrow down the area where you will be staying?


Sorry, not for me but my parents so info is somewhat limited. Wanted to get some gift certificates. The most I know is downtown Charleston, the historic district (if such an area exists).


Sorry...I just reread your post and realized that you did specify downtown...

Check out Carolina's...it's on Exchange St...right off of East Bay down by the market. Fabulous food...


I am also a craft beer fan and they have a great selection of craft beer.

And while we're on the subject if craft beer is something you're into, The Charleston Beer Exchange is right next door. It's a great little craft bottle shop...tell Scott and Rich that JP Cleary says, "Hello."


Thanks, I appreciate the help.


The Charleston Crab House is a worthy stop as well at:

41 S Market St.

I heard good things about the Peninsula Grill too.



Thanks for your thoughts. I found both of these online and was considering them as well. I will add them to the certificate list.


No Straight man uses the word "fabulous" lol.