Charles Staley's Quick Tips

Every week Charles sends out a free Quick Tips memo to those on his “list”. If you don’t get it just email me your email address and I will get it to you. By random this weekend I will be sending 10 of you the Charles Staley Platinum Pakage which includes the Physically Incorrect ebook,EDT download pack as well as the Training Nutrition Manager software program(mac or windows) The TNM alone is valued at $64.97- Email me at

Wow-alot of you have emailed me already-I guess I will have to give away something else. ok- ONE of you this weekend will be picked for 2 free months in the Distance Coaching Group(value$295.00) You must belong to a commercial gym and be free of injury.- again, email me at

update-so many have responded to this that I am gonna throw something else into the mix-this weekend I will also randomly pick one of you to receive Boot Camp In a Box 2004 video set - this 6 tape video set will ship in about 2 weeks (value$242.00).Random picks over the weekend will determine all winners. In the next 15 minutes though 3 of you will get the Platnium Package. If you already sent your email to me you are included for any of the give aways.

thank you team staley…

looking forward to the newsletters…

For those of use who are already signed up, can we still get free stuff?

Yup, I’m cheap.

ok Mike -send me an email and I will see what I can do-Julianne

I just want to say thanks for such a generous offer. It is truly a classy thing to do - and smart. THe goodwill you’ll earn from this is prob going to repay you back 10 fold, heck, even 100 fold!

Thanks again

Thanks Julianne. Yeah, I’ve been getting Charles’ newsletter for several months now and I really enjoy it. He’s even let a few members of his coaching group write some articles that explained how they applied Charles’ principles to their own training. It was valuable to get that “applied” perspective. Anyway, I’m gonna keep reading.

I hope Charles can do another guest forum sometime soon as well.

What a great response this weekend!! Here are the winners and I am not including last names. Winners of the Platnium Package are: Matthew M; Davo B; Jonathan C; Daniel F; Philippe G.;FunkyKat: Brennan A: Brad R; Kimmo H; and Lukas L. (if you have not received yet look in your mail box today). Winner of Boot Camp in a Box 2004 is Jennifer B. The Big Winner is Shannon H who wins 2 months in the distance Coaching Group along with the download products!! We here at Team Staley wish to thank all who requested the Quick Tips and you will receive your first copy via email this Thursday. We gave away over $1200 worth of Merch and service. What do you think T-Mag readers-should I do this more often??? -Julianne

Wow-alot of you are still sending me emails to get Quick Tips. I will go ahead and extend this until Midnight tonight to give away 3 more platnium Packs.-Julianne

for those of you who signed up through me you should have received your quick tips this am. We had such a huge responce and it is not too late to get on the list. I will give away another 5 Platnium Packs (randomly) for those of you still wanting quick tips but have yet to sign up. If you already sent me an email please do not send another. This is for those who did not respond last weekend. email me at And for those who got it hope you liked it!!-Julianne

I’ve been getting the Coach Staley’s tips for quite awhile, I think since he first mentioned it here…they are always full of great information! I would advise everyone to sign up, heck it’s free and you could win some cool stuff!
In Faith,

I have been bombarded with you guys since I started this thread. I have given away lots and there is more to come. You can still sign up -if you do so by tomorrow (if you have NOT signed up already) you will get Thursdays Quick Tips. Anyone who signs up after Thursdays will get in on the following Thursdays Memo. You may do so by emailing me at Thanks also from Coach Staley for all the nice emails about being such BIG EDT fans - Look for the new book “Muscle In Minutes” later this year -Julianne