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Charles Staley's Best Quarter Ever

Anyone involved in Charles Staley’s Best Quarter Ever program? The kickoff teleconference is scheduled for this Wednesday.

Yessiee Steve, I am all set to go with the tele conference with Coach Staley!
The training protocols and theories He develops are very effective for Me and extremely gratifying to complete since they are brutal and painful. I have a sense of accomplishment when I complete a Coach Staley workout and am also rewarded with strength and size gains that are unsurpassed for me.
The EDT program is especially effective. I have put on 15 pounds during the first six weeks of EDT without drugs and I am 41 years old! EDT hurts so good! I had to take a week off between the first and second momth of EDT because I was physically wiped out and had DOMS like never before. EDT also fit in perfectly wirh my training schedule since I had just finished a 12 week neural/strength training cycle and needed a good hypertrophy cycle.
I am looking forward to the teleconference on 5/22/02 and hope to glean some more info about how to apply EDT to neural/strength training cycles. My only concern is that Coach Staley is
hyping an expensive set of videos and the teleconference is a marketing tool. I hope not but we’ll see on Wednesday. Stay strong. Stay Manly. Peace.

Ken, my interest is also primarily due to very productive experiences with his past training programs. I added about 10 lbs of LBM following his CPT and have just begun using EDT a few weeks ago (impressive and painful so far). I’m kind of skeptical about the motivation behind this Best Quarter program too, but like you am hoping to at least pick up some useful info from the teleconference.

I’m also set for the teleconference. I haven’t tried EDT yet, but I’m getting ready for a bulking cycle and when I read Charles’ email I thought it was perfect timing.

Same here too.I am looking forward to it and will be on the conference call on wednesday.

Yeah, lookit, see the thing is that I signed up but I have to work tonight so if someone would be so kind as to post a basic summary of the program it would be quite appreciated indeed. I too have a great respect for Charles’ programs. Thanks. Lata.

MBE: “Yeah you know me with tha 4-AD, lean mass while cuttin’ is tha stratogee. Since 1995.”


Yep, I’m in.

I’m in as well. Should be very interesting. Ken congrats on the results.

With extreme apologies to Charles Staley, I only glanced at the email - didn’t really read the details. I guess I’ll have to tonight. This would be interesting, however, if it’s during work hours, I may have to miss it. I’m going to be in a all-day seminar. Bummer.

I am in!!

No specifics on training. About 120 people in on the call. We listened(on mute) for about 45 min. A couple of Olympic competitors Diana Ferman(Lifter)and Johnothan Edwards(Luge) told of their success with Charles. Tim Larkin (Combat trainer) also said good things. Bottom line $97($150CAN)/month for the next three months. I’m out as my budget is stretched as it is. I’m sure it would be worth every penny though. I did receive another email form him after the call saying he still had 8 spots left.

Hey guys/gals

There were actually 187 people on the call as I later found out…unfortunately, this overloaded the call system and it created quite a bit of noise interferance during the Q&A portion. Toward the end we did officially launch my distance coaching program, which I’m now using for everyone who is not a world-level competitive athlete. This program runs $97 monthly (less than an hour of hands-on time with me) and includes your training program which i write & supervise, also constant access to me via my private e-group, weekly teleconference calls, a free copy of my software, and even a free hands-on session with me if you ever happen to be in Las Vegas. hope that helps to clear things up!

Charles is the $97 a month-by-month a pay as you go deal or is there a set period of time (like 3 months since the promotion is called the best Quarter) that you have to committ to?

It’s billed as a quarter, but your card will be billed monthly until you tell me to stop…