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Charles Staley?

I’ve had great success with the methods and CPT training program of Charles Staley. He’s had a lot of new developments lately, from what I’ve heard - so I’m wondering if you have any new articles planned in the near future? Especially interested in his Q2 system…

I agree. CPT has been the most productive program for both strength and mass I have ever done in 20yrs of training! Charles certainly knows something - submit more articles Charles, please. Fellow STALEY fans ‘get in behind’ and support this request.

And CPT is what again?

Never mind :)I found it :wink:

More articles!

could someone reccomend to me a good book for mass gains by staley. I can’t get ahold of The poliquin Principles.

What new improvements? I looked over the article again and checked out the republish in his newsletter it looks the same. Great program, great progression, and very subtle. You have to do the program to really understand it. I use it as part of my cycle and enjoy when it comes up.

I didn’t mean improvements to his CPT program - he’s been doing seminars on something called “Q2” training, and I’m also still waiting for his article on adapting training to individual levers. From message boards he seems to have lots of information he still hasn’t written articles or books on…