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Charles Staley in Guest Forum

Just a reminder, this Friday afternoon Charles Staley will take over the Guest Forum for a full week! Should be cool!

Make that “WILL be cool!”

This is gonna kick ass.

I think my arms grew a 1/2 inch just thinking about it!

Phatman, you sure that was your arm? (That’s just wrong, Timbo)

Coach Staley, we’re all in great anticipation of the coming week. I thank you in advance for sharing your time, knowledge and experience!

Coach Staley?

This is going to be sweet!

I’m lining up some thought provoking questions right now…

Should be good, Charles has some really good stuff and a great sense of humor.

I’m sure it will be better than the one Don is presently ignoring, (hey look, someone had to say it!)


I agree with Coach Staley; it “WILL BE COOL!”

Gotta get to work on those questions; don’t want the good coach getting stale.

Timbo you know how excited I get about these things and 1/2 inch ain’t much but hey it pleases me!