Charles Staley Bootcamp

Does anybody know what date the 2005 camp is going to be. I know it is in October, but I am not sure what day.
I need to know fast because somebody told me that they don’t have alot of spots left.
The word on the street is that Charles will be speaking at this one, as will Dan John, and most of the other guys from last year also. Best yet, I heard they are trying to get Chad Waturbury to come, that would be awesome!

This is a shameless plug.


You are a member of Staleys private coaching group. If you don’t know when the bootcamp is, how would any of us?

Oh, and by the way- this is the strength forum- no yodas allowed.

atredies, this isn’t a shameless plug. due to financial reasons, I was “out of the loop” for a while. I just got a bonus last night, so I will be able to rejoin the group, but as of the last month, I have known about as much as what is going on as you have. even the members of the coaching group aren’t guarenteed a spot due to the high demand. From what I understand the date hasn’t even been solidified until the last few weeks and I haven’t talked to or seen one of charles’s people since then.

I was wondering if somebody had the date to provide to me tonight because on a certain date in october, my company is holding a huge personal training summit in NYC (not a plug) and I was at an awards ceremony the other night where the company COO basically told me to be there. I have already made tenative travel plans so if the dates either conflict or are close, I am going to be up shit’s creek without a paddle, both professionally as well as financially. If I can get the date tonight or tommorrow it would help tremendously. I really can’t wait till monday to get and email or a phone call from one of Staley’s people. they are all busy with launching his dvd (yet again not another plug just a fact).

Basically the original date was sometime in the first or second week of october. if these two events are back to back, then I have to figure out some whacky travel plans where I fly out to arizona then that night fly back to new york, get a hotel room, then attended an all day seminar the next day. This involves me calling my dogs kennel which has a 3 month wait on appointments, so that is another pain in the ass here.
as far as the pump up to the seminar, yeah, that WAS A SHAMELESS PLUG. But I figured charles deserved it.

What does yoda got to do with it. In order to be a world level powerlifter you are going to get messed up, there is no way around that. Even a guy as smart as Jim Wendler will admit to that. So does that mean you have to take the requisite bad back, bloated belly herniations, torn up elbows and shoulders, and great genetics to have any valid opinion on training for strength.
And since when has a big bench, squat, or deadlift, been the sole factor in determining somebody’s strength. That is one type of strength. Dave Tate is an amazing coach but admits that he can barely do a couple of chin ups, does that mean that his very effective training programs are not suitable for wrestlers who require more strength in this lift than they do in the bench?
Joe Defranco is another great coach but he can’t squat due to past conditions, does that mean that his theories on how to develop lower body power are invalid? Having met Joe, I can definately say no.
As a personal trainer, I didn’t ever have to be a fat bastard to teach an overweight client how to lose weight if I understand the correct principles involved in effective dieting.
different people have different goals but that no way means I can’t help people outside my goal set. The knowledge gained from progressing from a 400/500lb squat to a 700/800lb squat tends to be negligable to athletes anyway and really only applies to powerlifting. Does a strength coach have to sacrifice his orthopeadic health and well being in order to design effective programs, I think that the answer is no.
I will add that I am sorry if I embarressed Charles with this supposed plug on my part-anybody who knows how effective his methods are would know that he doesn’t need me to get him people. I went to a seminar up in rochester by him where he had around 700 people there, he obviously didn’t need my help then either. This bootcamp will most likely be sold out, with or without my “plug”

The Boot Camp is set for October 15 and promises to blow every one away with all of the new stuff we have going on here. Shameful plug- I don’t think so people have to plan their lives to come to these (which by the way these Boot Camps are for our Platinum Members) People join just to come to these Boot Camps as well ,as they are so well received by those who attend. Look for me sometime this summer to also do a giveaway that includes a coveted seat-Julianne