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Charles Poliquin's Training Tip of the Day.

Today’s training tip comes from Charles Poliquin:

Avoiding Stagnation

Don?t perform low reps too frequently. Sport scientist Robert Roman concluded that the most successful weightlifters tend to do most of their sets in the 3RM to 4RM range. This was echoed by weightlifting coach Pierre Roy, who believes that the average rep range for athletes should be 3. The take home point is that if an athlete does singles or doubles for too long, he’ll stagnate. This is especially true for athletes who seek hypertrophy.

So what is a good program to use after a long cycle of low rep range training? Especially for fat loss and or hypertrophy?

My joints are in a tremendous amount of pain from all the heavy lifting I have been doing lately so I need something to give my joints a break. But, I don’t want to lose all the strength I gained during these past few months of heavy training.

My main goal is altering my body composition(lbm gain/fat loss) without losing my strength. My diets dialed in.

Christian, Chad…your thoughts???