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Charles Poliquins Back Workout

Looking for the 12 workout program centering around 1/2 deadlifts in the power rack (first six on helf deadlifts/ second six on helf deadlift with shrug). It was written up in the old hardcore MM2K.

Need: excercises/sets/reps/cadence/rests - the whole program or where to locate it. Does anyone know if it is in C.P.'s THE POLIQUIN PRINCIPLES ???

thanks for the help.

Dave-I have it at home and will look it up this evening and give you the details. Its a great program and I’ve had great success with 1/2 deadlifts.

I would be very interested in this routine also.

Sorry about the delay. Here it goes…You do the first routine for six workouts and then begin the second routine and do for another six workouts. First routine…(A)Paused Half Deadlifts in Rack - 3 sets, 3-12 reps, 3-0-1 tempo, 2 minutes rest. Do in a power rack. The rack pins should be set between the lock out position and just above your knee caps. The pause should be on the rack pins for a full 2 seconds. The pause is important. It is okay to use wrist straps. (B)Close Grip Parallel Chins - 4 sets, 8 to 10 reps, 3-2-1 tempo, 3 minutes rest. If your gym doesn’t have parallel bars, use a chin-up grip (underhanded). Tri-Set (C1)Incline Board Rear Deltoid Raise - 3 sets, 8 to 12 reps, 3-0-2 tempo, no rest. Lie on an incline bench or a decline bench at a 45 degree angle. While holding on with your right hand, grab a dumbbell with your left hand and raise it in a circular fashion across your body until its above your head. Lower the dumbbell until your arm is resting on your pecs and your rear delt is fully stretched. In the bottom position, the dumbbell should be directly under your face. Do both your left and right side and move immediately onto C-2. (C-2)One Arm Bent Over Rear Delt Raise - 3 sets, 8 to 12 reps, 3-0-2 tempo, no rest. Grab the cable handle and position your body so the shoulder you are not working is facing the weight stack (in a cable crossover machine). You’ll be on your hands and knees with your torso slightly above parallel to the floor. Make sure at the top of this excercise the handle is aligned with the back of your working arm. If you are doing it correctly, your upper arm should be in contact with your torso at the bottom of the excercise as your rear delt reaches a full stretch. Do one arm at a time. After you do both your left and right side, move onto the next excercise immediately. (C3)Standing Low Pulley External Rotation Arm in Low Position - 3 sets, 8 to 12 reps, 2-0-2 tempo, 3 minutes rest. Stand upright with your side to a low pulley, holding a single handle with your palm facing you. If your right hand is holding onto the handle, your left foot should be closest to the weight stack. The working arm should be abducted (moved away from the body) about 15 degrees to 30 degrees to the torso with your arm bent. Rotate your working arm outward by pivoting only at your shoulder joint. Lower the weight gently by reversing the direction. Switch sides and repeat with you other arm. Rest three minutes and repeat excercises C1, C2, and C3, rest three more minutes and repeat again. The second workout will follow.

In case you guys missed it…it kind of got buried. I will post the second 3 weeks tonight.

Cool, thanks.