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Charles Poliquin's Article?


i've got a question about Charles Poliquin's articles, that is can he really write something new? Something we cannot find in those "stupid muscle building magazines"? this is T-Nation,bro. we're not fools. i've been crazily collecting the articles in those mag for the past 8 years. i can tell you guys something:

1)lactic acid training for fat loss is "new"?? sorry, but i've seen an article by Eddie Robinson (may be written by some ghost) "Tri-level trisets", it's almost the same program as CP's one.

2)AGVT is "new"? sorry again. i've seen that one in C.S. Sloan's "Mega Bench" already.

And much more example than these two....i've seen them in those mag, which is suppost to be useless as we agree, if CP just modified that and put under his name, then we start think it is useful??

if that's the case, then T-Nation is nothing different to those mag.

So, fuck that, don't fool me. write something "new", ok?


I agree.

I think he keeps rehashing the same ideas from when he wrote for MM and published The Poliquin Principles.

I do think he's good at what he does, and I think he keeps all his real stuff hidden. But he keeps his name out there by putting a new spin on the same old ideas.

However, I'd like to see some of his "top secret" training stuff that really works rather than vegetable enemas and various allergy tests and such.


If you want the Top Secret stuff you have to pay.


Okay, I like new articles too, but maybe the fact that he writes similar training articles all the time is a plus. At least he's consistent. He's found some training principles that he believes work and he's going to espouse them. He's not jumping on any bandwagons and writing fad articles. Now, I also admit, it can be redundant reading the same stuff over and over, but hey that's the problem with trying to put out a bodybuilding publication. It gets hard to put a new "spin" on proven methods all the time. Just my thoughts.

In faith,


Uh, fellas, I'm the one who asked him to write the articles.

There are tons of new readers on the site every day, many of them new to weight lifting, so they deserve to see some of these great programs.

However, I disagree with the notion that Charles "stole" these ideas from CS Sloan or Eddie Robinson.

I mean, I knew Eddie, but believe me, Eddie didn't come up with too many new ideas.

Besides, the titles of these programs are "GERMAN Volume Training," and 'GERMAN Body Comp" training. They're called that because the concepts originated in Germany, not because they're done while drinking beer and eating sausages.

Charles has, however, come up with new spins on these concepts. His gym in Phoenix looks more like a medical clinic than a gym. He's got a couple of doctors on staff and in attendance full time, and they do blood samples and analysis on different programs as they're being performed, and these programs have been modified in response to these studies.

So, saying these programs are stolen or aren't new is, frankly, a cheap shot and unwarranted.


Again, blame me. I make the article assignments.

"Vegetable enemas"? C'mon, let's be fair here. Poliquin almost single-handedly changed the way most of us train, whether we know it or not.

He's influenced most of the strength coaches that practice today.


Anyone have a membership to his pay site? I'm assuming he's got sweet articles there that he wouldn't publish on T-Nation for free.


Guys, trust me. Charles has forgotten more about training than any of us will ever know, and this includes myself.

The depth of the man's knowledge in regard to strength training is second to none.

Yes it's true that most of his more recent methods cannot be found in written form. That's because Charles wants to thoroughly test any method he comes up with until he's 100% affirmative of its superiority. And if that takes 5 years of "in-the-trenches" experiementation with top level athletes, that's what it takes.

On the other hand, you can be sure that what he writes about is 100% effective, because as I mentionned he doesn't put anything on paper before its tried and true.

This doesn't mean that his way is the only way. But it means that what he writes about works.


There's no secret stash of articles, and the notion that he's giving T-Nation inferior stuff is wrong.

Besides, T-Nation pays him for his articles, just like it pays all the strength coaches for their articles.

I challenge all you guys to a cage match right now, because you're all pissing the hell out of me.


No blame on you. It would just be nice to see something new. Especially since Poliquin himself said that training information changes every 18 months. So re-writing an old article with only minor changes doesn't quite make it "new" again...especially after so many years!

I completely agree. He made many of us rethink our training, and for that, I'm greatful. Poliquin was a huge influence back in the day.

But he does suggest/prescribe some very odd things for some of his athletes that the average trainee will never have the time/money/ability to do, including some of his allergy testing and other various things. The vegetable enema is just a poke at some of this.

I just hate to see him not use any new thinking in his articles anymore. If he revolutionized training 9-10 years ago and is still successful, why hasn't he shared some of his updated training articles? Or is it that he only deals with athletes who are "assisted" thus his training advice won't apply to the general public?

I like CP. I just hate seeing "Manly Weight Loss" and "GVT" over and over and over again. I've tried them, they don't work for me, and new tweaks to those programs still doesn't change that.

I'm just glad CW and CT have revolutionized training the way Poliquin did many years back. I've found that their advice/ideas/training programs are more suitable for me.


LOL! That cracked me up!

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I couldn't resist. That was too funny. You left yourself open! :wink:


Just a clarification, CP's articles on T-Nation are free to you, but he gets paid well for them (by T-Nation), as do all contributors.

You know, I'm always surprised by out-of-the-blue attacks like some of the ones in this thread. I've read a ton of stuff too, probably more than most T-Nation readers because it's part of my job. And yet I still learn new things every week in almost every article. I guess if you know everything already, you can stop buying magazines and visiting this site.

Better yet, become a world class performance coach and build a few centers for your athletes. Amazing how some of the worst critics are usually the ones who don't even look like they train themselves, much less professional and Olympic athletes. Usually it's some skinny-fat K-Mart stock boy attacking these professional and highly effective coaches.

(Not saying that's the case in this thread, but the worst critics often follow that pattern.)


For the record, I was not attacking Coach Poliquin. I have always liked his material. I assumed that his best stuff was available on his pay site,but this may not be the case, I don't know because I don't have a membership.

Shugs made the point that the material here on T-Nation is not free, it is free for us, but the writers are paid by T-Nation. I never looked at it this way. Now realizing that, I have to say thank you to T-Nation for providing all of the information that you do. The information here is cutting edge and better than a lot of books that people pay for. Thanks.


Woah woah. Just to clarify I think his articles here are great (I asked a question in this thread but I'm not one of the people who's actually complaining). I was just wondering if he were keeping a bunch of other stuff in his own site. That would make sense.

As far as the cage match, give me two years and then it's GO TIME.


If the shit ain't broke don't fix it.

A minor change could be the same exact program but changing from 3x10 to 10x3. Thats a big difference right there. One that would warrant a new article on who/what/where/when/why/how of it.

I came to the site a year ago so I cannot go back and read every article right away. Unlike most I have actually taken the time to read through 1998 and working on 1999 now, but most people don't have ass loads of time to do that. Whether the article is "similar" to an old article its good for the newbies to come in and see a new article that they don't have to search for ages.

If you were new to the site you would have NO idea that there was a lactic acid training article NOR would you have any idea where the hell to find it. You think the average newbie knows to go search out "lactic acid training principles for fat loss".... They cant even find the FAQ Thread!

Talk about biting the hand that feeds.


I should have worded my original post better. I meant that readers of this site get his stuff for free, and readers of his site have to pay. So I think it would make sense if he were showing his readers stuff we don't see (not saying the stuff he's showing us is inferior). But that's just the selfish business man in me thinking.


I vote for a cage ladder match.

Put the ladder on top of the cage with the belt strung 8 feet above the ladder so you have to jump from the top of the ladder to get it.


T-Nation rules!

It is full of kick ass training information and it is highly entertaining. The price is even right.

I don't understand why people complain when there is a little redundancy.


Because it's POLIQUIN!!!!!!

He has better stuff than updated GVT and GBC articles!

I want to see something different from him! I know he has awesome ideas and training programs, and I doubt he uses GBC or GVT with all his clients.

Let's see how he trained David Boston, or some bodybuilders, other athletes, etc.!!!!


Hey Nate, what are you waiting for??? An article to increase height?
(there's a cheap shot I couldn't resist)