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Charles Poliquin's 1-6 Method

Ok, a quick question for you guys (and girls) out there. I’ve decided to include Poliquin’s 1-6 method in my current training regimen. I gave it a shot today and got my target reps with 10 pounds more than usual (bench press). However, I was wondering what the percentage 1RM Charles recommends for the 1- rep sets. I was using about 90% of my estimated 1 RM, which worked pretty well (although I ended up doing two reps instead of 1). I searched around for some answers, so if they’re there, I’m sorry about that… If anyone knows off the tops of their heads, that would be great. I’m thinking of trying the method with squats and weighted chins as well. Thanks a lot.

I believe that for the one rep set you should be trying to nail 100% of your one rep max…for the six rep set you should probably be between 80-90% of your one rep max, but it will vary depending on the individual. I assume you have read the article on the 1-6 method, but if you haven’t, use the T-mag search engine and find it. By the way, I used 1-6 exactly as laid out in the article and gained 10-15% on all of the lifts in a month’s time.

(I looked and couldn’t find the exact suggested % of 1 rep max either.)

I used the 1-6 method a few months back for front squats, and it worked moderately well. The impression I got was that after doing the initial set of 6 reps, the lifter was then supposed perform the next set with a weight that would probably be their 2 rep max, (whatever that is…?) and perform 1 strong rep with it.

The 1 rep set is done merely to heighten the nervous system, facilitating it to handle more weight on the next set of 6 reps. (The first two times I used it, it actually did.) My only advice would be to RESIST doing the second rep at the heavier weight.