Charles Poliquin

I was wondering if anyone can tell me where I can buy “The Poliquin Principles”
and “Manly Weight Loss”. I have check in many store and used the internet but no luck. If anyone can help it would be great.


you can look online in places like amazon and e-bay.

btw i wouldnt wipe my ass with the pages of manly weight loss. if you want the info from that book it is on this site.

you try ebay? they do it your way you know.

I was mainly looking to get the Poliquin Principles but amazon does not have it. I’ll try e-bay. thanks for the help P-dog and mdog.

Only go to ebay if you’re interested in spending way too much for it. The last time I saw it (last week) it was up to over $50. I was at one of Charles’ seminars recently and he said that he was planning on releasing a new updated version of it for 2003 but apparently that project has been put on hold. My advice is to read all of his articles and wait until the new version comes out. Other than that you’re wasting money paying for more than the original price.