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Charles Poliquin

Having seen Charles Poliquin, I’m sure the question has been pondered before. Do you think he has used steroids?

syn: Great question with just a simple OPIONION…yes…

But to me, that’s no big deal. The thing that bothers me (and not so much with Poloquin…I think he has some great ideas), are the “experts” and bodybuiders who push some system of their’s as “gospel”, when in fact they built their own muscular foundation most often using a regimen that they now bash!..now that gets on my nerves…(just a little!)…

And in comes Drax…

If he did or he didn’t I bet if you ask him he will tell you he looks awesome!

does it matter? the guy’s a genius, and he’s a guy who would give steriods a good rep. hell he could start drinking laundry detergant for all i care his advice is incredible.

he claimed in his mainly weightloss book steroids were bad-so if he did use them hes a hypocrite.

He may have but from what I’ve heard his natural testosterone levels were so high that he felt it pointless to even use tribex or any other testosterone boosting supplement.