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Charles Poliquin


Can someone please explain this descending set style?

Snatch deadlift 10x6 Descending set style




Wrong forum homey.


how so? combat athletes can't ask training questions.


Combat athletes probably aren't gonna know what the fuck you're talking about. This is better suited for... oh I don't know, any of the forums having to do with weightlifting on this site?


That program is not for the average bear.
not at all.

descending sets

ten sets 6 reps starting with something close to your 5 or 6 rep max say 80% of your 1rm.

drop weight 10 to 20% after each set 6 times.

the killer is the 45 second rest period
probably enough to just pull off plates.

and these always go with some crazy ass tempo

of raising or lowering weight - zero pause- reset
that is what the 40x0 part means.

its confusing
and will fuck most people up


thank you - knew someone would know.


yup, next time try asking on the bodybuilding forum for better answers.


Hey thanks for making me look like an asshole you mick bastard.


Not very hard to do actually.

Sorry, set yourself up for that one.