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Charles Poliquin Suggests PWO Fruit Juice?


Hi guys. Having read one of Charles Poliquin's articles, I see that post training he advocates a blend of powdered carbs (maltodextrin etc) with 50% fruit juice as the carb source (pineapple, grape & other higher gi juices). However, I'm wondering why he suggests this work best for recovery, since surely fruit juice is fructose which can't replenish anything other than liver glycogen.


There's your answer.


It could also be because only about half or so of the sugar in fruit juice will be fructose and there are generally significant amounts of non-sugar carbs (all depending upon the particular fruit). So while it may be that some fructose is needed for the liver, Charles may have also had uses for the other carbs in mind as well -- perhaps the other nutrients of fruit as well.

In conclusion -- I don't know, but there is a lot more to fruit juice that fructose.


I just use 600ml of OJ pre, during and post workout mixed with 1 1/2 scoops of whey protein blend, going for the 60g simple carbs + 30g of protein that John Berardi prescribes in Scrawny to brawny.


Good. That sounds like a lot more fun than worrying about this shit.


I want to hear about that.


Modok, thanks for bringing this up.

My post-workout nutrition is only for the elite of this world. After all, most of those on this site won't be able to get their hands on the necessary ingredients. Here's what it looks like:

6 oz omega-3-rich monkey brains provided by my African friend Momo Shabazz
1/4 cup Cuban sugar cane provided by my friend and Miami druglord Mario Perez
1 mega-antioxidant-dosed mango provided by my Dominican friend Juan Lopez
Half container marmalade made in my friend and farmer Howard Smith's farmhouse
24 BCAA capsules provided by a secret lab I can't tell you about

This protocol helped me pack on 20# of LBM in the past two weeks, just in time for summer.