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Charles Poliquin Mass Up


Hey Guys,

I have literally been searching all freaking week for an old post I saw posted here a couple of years ago... It was a copy and paste from the web about a Mass-Up protocol from a Charles Poliquin Seminar that involved a carb cycling type approach. If I remember correctly, and I certainly hope that I do, John Berardi replied at one point during the thread and said that the enormous calories on the carb up would likely lead to significant fat accumulation.

It came to my remembrance after I was reading this article from Nick Mitchell on his site after he referenced Poliquin...

Article Title: The Ultimate Muscle Plan - 22Lbs in 11 weeks! Bodybuilding at it's best.
Article Quote: The BEST way I know to gain quality mass involves a rotation of your carbohydrate intake, 3 very distinct mini training cycles and styles over an 11 day schedule, days of low carbohydrates followed by carefully planned days of high carbohydrates (a real pleasure!), and is guaranteed to hold the interest and enthusiasm of even the most jaded character.

This is a method that was personally taught to me by world renowned strength and conditioning guru Charles Poliquin...


So, I would greatly appreciate anyone making me look stupid here and finding this so I dont think I am loosing my mind! Thanks!


It looks interesting, I hope someone responds with some information.


Well, while I guess it's not bad that he offers to tell you how to put on 22 quality pounds in 11 weeks for just £9.95, I will beat that offer.

And beat it soundly!!

Just send me EIGHT quid and I'll reveal my program, based on information obtained from Tibetan Kung Fu Masters but improved even further, how to gain THIRTY-two quality pounds in TEN weeks!


I'm in.




You got paypal?


Poliquin has a lot of good things to say, a really informative guy with a lot of real world experience.

But he says some outlandish shit too.

Know how to separate the crap from the good stuff and you can come out with some useful info.


He says a LOT of outlandish shit.

I've taken useful info from just about all the major authors, so in that sense I rate them all about the same.