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Charles Darwin Film 'Too Controversial for Religious America'



Being an European, this comes along as very strange to me.

Especially this caught my eye....

Is this for real? Over three fifths of the American population do not "believe" in evolution?



LoL @ America


There's nothing to "believe" in evolution. I had straight A's in school when asked to reproduce and elaborate on the theory of evolution, yet I do not believe in it as something that has happened in our definition of reality. Btw, I'm European as well.


Getting good grades doesn't require you to be especially smart. Depending a bit on the subject of course, having good memory is what matters the most. Being smart makes it much easier though.

Yep, there's nothing to believe in. We are talking about a universally accepted scientific theory with tons of supporting evidence. Not "believing" evolution is plain denial.


I wasn't trying to brag about intellect here, just explaining how I can accept the theory of evolution from an academic point of view without actually believing it to be the universal truth for myself, that's a huge difference.

The theory of evolution is in itself a decent theory and very well supported, however it is neither universally accepted nor do I feel the obligation to make it my own belief just because a lot of institutions and groups embrace it.




I've been amazed recently at the number of people here who refuse to acknowledge evolution (or even learn and understand enough about it to pass a valid judgement).

I honestly thought that even in America it was accepted by pretty much everyone, barring a handful of creationists who are too far gone. If anyone told me in person that they didn't believe in evolution I'd probably laugh.


Do I believe that homo-sapiens and animals adapt to their surroundings? Yes! I also believe that we will tweak our own genetics after years of adaptation. But in no way do I believe in Darwinism. Darwinism is almost like a cult religion.

Sure, it's THEORY with some possible proof, but so is the existence of bigfoot, and other mythical creatures that cannot be proven. We don't have the transitional fossils to back it up. There would be in-between species out there right now that are currently evolving. I find the claim that some little creature crawled up on land and spawned everything from hippos to tigers to ants hilarious..


LoL @ "No fossil argument"


I find people who compare evolution to bigfoot hilarious.


This was posted a little while back in PWI, but didn't get much attention (surprising, as it pwns most creationist arguments in the massive CvE thread a few months ago).

Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism

Long series, but it's very interesting. You need to pay attention, too, as the info is delivered in a pretty rapidly.

Plus, the dude has excellent taste in movies.

edit: on transitional fossils:


Isn't that the same guy who also does voice-overs for 9/11-truth theories and the like? Maybe that's why it didn't get a whole lot of attention...


Have you ever opened a biology book, and actually read past page 1?

I see that you highlighted "theory". That is a classic one. However, what you are also highlighting when you did this is that you obviously don't have any understanding of evolution, or how science works in general.

"Just a theory" is pretty much the highest level of verification a scientific phenomena can achieve. Like the Theory of Gravity, for example. Don't see too many people objecting that one though.


I don't think you fully grasp the definition of a theory.
To think evolution and bigfoot have similar amounts of evidence is just ridiculous.


All of the guys videos have to do with CvE. Even ones where he personally answers questions about his videos.

So, while I have never seen a 9/11-truth video, I would guess you are wrong. Try again. This time, focus on the information presented.


Please elaborate on "darwinism" for the class.

You also might want to look up what a "THEORY" is when used in a scientific context, it has a very specific definition that you might not be aware of... Heres a hint, it isnt like when your uncle Walter says "I have this here theory..." A theory is a collection of observations, facts, studies, and other lines of evidence that account for an observed phenomenon... You know, like the THEORY of gravity. Or the THEORY that germs cause disease. I dont know if I accept those though, they are just THEORIES.

They are literally finding new examples of evolution at a near daily rate in recent weeks... A quick visit to ScienceDaily.com will help many of you out here.

Now I wonder why people would be afraid and unwilling to accept the fact of evolution?? Hmmm... What could it be?? Might it clash with some other belief they have that is absolutely unverified? Curious how people refuse to believe in evolution due to a "lack of evidence" but seem to have no problem with the idea when it comes to believing in other things.

Evolution 101 podcast is also another resource for the people that would like to learn more about the issue 10 minutes at a time.


Its funny how its more correct to throw in the word 'theory' into evolution, as opposed to using creationism on its own. Evolution is far more logical and we have something, I believe, but I could be wrong, called hard evidence on our side proving that it exists. Creationists, on the other hand, have a 2000 year old fairy tale to fall back on. Give me a break.


To my knowledge he did do Zeitgeist, which is one of those conspiracy-nut videos. The "information" was presented in the exact kind of way as in conspiracy theories.

I especially loved how only the most ignarant fools get pulled aside on NYC streets and state fairs to comment on it. The video is a piss-poor, clearly biased piece of propaganda. Unfortunately, some creationists tend to produce bullshit propaganda of the same kind which gives all independent thinkers in that department a bad rap.


To believe in a theory whatsoever is called dogmatism. Whenever you shut your eyes and ears for other possibilities you are dogmatic about that view.

Darwin's theory is just that - a theory. It is there as an explanation to events and scientific findings until it is proven faulty or is replaced.

I don't believe in Darwinism because I think it has some missing links and points that just don't add up. But I don't have a better answer.

Don' get me wrong here...

I don't believe in a God creating us as there is no scientific reasoning, since you cannot refute the existence of an "outer-existence" being.

funmetal - the unbeliever


We find it hard to believe that we, super intelligent and cunning Americans, came from the same biological goo as dirty, ugly, smelly, uneducated, Norwegians and other such European peoples.