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Charles Bronson Was Built


So I'm lounging in my crib watching a Starz western called Chato's Land starring the long deceased actor Charles Bronson.
Bronson plays a pissed off indian hell bent on revenge.
And as I watch i'm simply amazed at this guys physique.

By all accounts Bronson was about 45-50 years old or older when he made this flick.
Dude was ripped to the bone and symmetrical. So I sit here wondering how he achieved such a physique back before the days of the Hollywood personal trainers and diet gurus?

I often here guys say they want to look like Brad Pitt, but if they would get a glimpse of Bronson in his prime and well beyond it, they'd have to say forget Brad Pitt, I wanna look like that guy.
I haven't been able to dig up much on how he got this amazing physique, although just about every search makes mention of it.

In my humble opinion Charles Bronson would make todays supposed hard bodies look like weiners. Hard scrabble coal miner roots with granite muscle to go along with it.
I'm just sayin'.


Bronson did have a hell of a lean-muscular physique for his day. If he was around today, he'd be comparable to Stallone or Arnold (hollywood years, not bodybuilding).


Good ol' uncle Charlie. He was a badass. ... Deathwish. Bronson pwns you and your ilk.

Seriously though, one has to wonder. Where are those kind of men of yesteryear? The Bronsons, the Eastwoods, Paul Newman ( and hundreds more I could list believe me)... a dead breed. They weren't huge but they were strong, in more ways than one. Don't give me all this bullshit about estrogen in the water. .

Would Bronson come on this website and cry about that shit? Hell No. I do NOT believe there is some physical reason that men are not behaving as men. I said in a post nobody probably read that I believe it is purely environmental. Tough children come from tough parents who buck and fight and make their way.

Maybe you should put down the fucking controller to your Xbox and behave like a man. Nobody cares about your gamer points in Gears of fucking War 2. Who are you people looking up to?? Who are your heros? The dude that outscored your ass? As my dying father said to me.. 'you've got to have hero's.' Seriously, this shit isn't funny anymore.


Yep. I've always admired Bronson since the 70's, and I even did a drawing of him which was my avatar here a while ago.




Bore a terrible resemblance to Manny Pacquiao.

Could act though...


Yup, Eastwood, Newman, Bronson, , Redford, Reynolds, Lancaster, William Holden, bad asses for sure. Some of their movies are over thirty years old and I still get excited to seem em when there on. Can't say the same for many modern actors or movies. Aw hell, maybe I'm just getting old.



You and me both. William Holden is still my hero. He always played the smartass, the cynic, but when it came down to it you know he was going to do the right thing, and be the first to call himself a sucker for doing it.

Every book I've ever read about hollywood says Burt Lancaster was notorious for treating women like garbage, and they loved him for it. There might be a lesson there if I wasn't too dumb to see it.


I loved him, Oates, and Borgnine, in The Wild Bunch. Sam Peckinpah, another bad ass who was a pretty horrid person due to alcoholism and mental illness in real life made and directed some killer movies.



If you ever get a chance, check him out in The Magnificent Seven. I couldn't find a good picture, but he's pretty damn big for 1960's Hollywood.


Aside from Clint, there's one tough guy left:


What about James Coburn, and Steve McQueen?


Coburn and McQueen were cool motherfuckers, but skinny as shit. Eastwood, Newman, Lancaster, Holden, Bronson and Reynolds all carried some muscle in their day.


Shit, I wasn't thinking of muscle....

Kirk Douglas


Robert Mitchum, not big by today's standards, but definitely a threatening guy


Jack Palance was a bad mo fo and a big strappin' dude, save for the mug!


The Hollywood actors these days just don't have the character of the 60's actors. A lot of the old school actors served in the military during WWII, and had hobbies like driving race cars or motocross. Just don't see that today.

There are still a few tough guys around Hollywood, they just don't get much air time. Watch Mickey Rourke in the Get Carter remake with Stallone.

Add Charlton Heston to that list.

And if you're looking for some great old school movies to watch, "The Last Hard Men" won't disappoint.


Fun Fact the guy in all kinds of westerns someone that looks like a Jack,good old american cowboy was named Volodymyr Palahniuk


Charles Bronson was a great actor for the roles he played. He was a little guy, but a great big screen presence.
Can't believe he died 5 years ago...