Charles Atlas Appearance

Yeh, I know its an oldie.
But this was one of the oldest shows that tried to showcase a wide mix (occupational, racial) as far as guests were concerned and hell, some of you may remember watching this show back in the day lol.

Back then, he was the ONLY one who’d come to mind when quizzed about “physical culture” lol.

When i saw this thread i thought of that old AFI song called Charles Atlas.

That was suprisingly entertaining.

Television back then was mostly entertaining.

[quote]hardgnr wrote:
That was suprisingly entertaining.[/quote]

[quote]tribunaldude wrote:
Television back then was mostly entertaining.

hardgnr wrote:
That was suprisingly entertaining.


Well I guess back then everything hadn’t been done yet. I don’t watch TV anymore cos it just sucks.

Here’s an episode with a young Wilt chamberlain, before he became really famous.