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Charity Fundraising Ideas

Hey guys,
I’d really like to host a charity fundraiser at my gym and was looking for ideas. I was thinking something like pledge per pound lifted or something like that. Curious what has worked for others or what others think might work.


Have an auction of donated related items along with the event.

When people want to do something good or kind for a cause they only really need an excuse to open up their wallets.

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foxy boxing


We always do a theme where you come dressed as something and you pay to lift. You might have log, stones and deadlift stations and $15-$20 each. Sometimes people organise a tshirt as well but I’m not sure how they make money with that but they do haha

Anyway, some token prizes for best dressed and for best lifts* and they always turn out to be quite a bit of fun plus you can do a BBQ and sell meats/drinks as well. That usually raises the most cash.

*This doesn’t need to be heaviest. We had a guy come dressed as an old time strongman with leopard print outfit do one handed deadlifts to win that one.


Just have @T3hPwnisher or @anon96032531 come and do a deep water workout. 10x10 deadlifts with 225 and boom, $22,500 in the bank.


PC ideas:

Poker night - $40 entry free (pretty standard entry fee)

World record attempt party - Find “easily attainable” world records, registerys are free so 100% proceeds go to you

Start a penny drive, just go to local businesses and ask if you can chuck a bucket chained to their register

Fitness related trivia night

Non PC ideas:

Midget throwing contest

Birdbox boxing

Blindfolded 100m sprints


Combine the 3 for blindfolded midget boxing.


Yes, please. Film it and charge a fee to watch it live online.


Basket raffle or auction - fill something (basket, bucket, box) with with items along the theme (chalk, water bottle, steak dinner, copy of Pumping Iron, towels, workout bag, headphones, whatever) and sell tickets or auction it. The raffle makes a nice side hustle to the main fundraiser - people walk in and pay the entry fee and you offer the raffle tix. You may even manage to get local vendors to donate the items.

change the sprints to hurdles and I’d pay $100 for admission


I’m beginning to envision a Birdbox medley-
spin 5 times on the bat
chug 2 pints
blindfolds on
25m hurdles
Midget toss


So an far more entertaining pentathlon … niiiice


I was thinking you can a couple of bands as a slingshot too…

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Get a coinbox/silver dollar deadlift rig ala WSM

Make it a max deadlift competition with a paid entry/spectator fee. Convert fees to coins. Pour coins into coinbox. Whoever sets the highest deadlift on the rig gets to take home that amount. Rest of entry fees gets donated to charity.


I’m a little surprised that @Yogi1 and @duketheslaya didn’t suggest snorting cocaine off a hot chcik’s ass for a phenomenal fee! :rofl:


Haha! I’m embarrassed to say I’ve never actually snorted cocaine off a hot chick’s ass. I’ve lived such a sheltered life.

I’m hoping young Duke does though so I can live vicariously through him.


Yes, we know. The very definition of it. :joy: