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Charity for the Season

For as much time as was spent on the Off-Topic Board worrying about the fate of Iraqis and Afghanis, I thought that people might wish to avail themselves of the opportunity to extend some charity toward those people in useful ways [Thanks to Josh Chafetz of Oxblog for the list]:

HOLIDAY SEASON REMINDER: Some worthy causes you might want to consider supporting:

(1) Law books for Iraqi law students. Lawyers Without Borders is sending law books – including the U.S. Constitution and the Federalist Papers – to Iraqi law students, but they need help paying for the shipping. Contribute to the rule of law and a free and stable Iraq!


(2) Afghans for Civil Society is doing great work in helping to rebuild Afghanistan, including rebuilding damaged houses, supporting schools, and launching an independent radio station. You can contribute to their efforts here:


(3) Operation Give: Chief Wiggles’ toy drive for Iraqi children. Help bring a smile to a kid’s face and build good will among the next generation of Iraqis.


(4) Help Iraqi schools: They need supplies.

(5) Musical instruments for Iraqi Kurds: Music is an important part of Kurdish culture, but Islamic extremists had prohibited it in parts of Northern Iraq. Now that the area is free, help contribute to a re-flowering of its culture.


(6) Last, but certainly not least, ways you can support coalition troops [whose fates have also been the topic of much concern and debate here].


Nice thread BB,

Fostering good will is the best to invite change.

Send a care package to a serviceman or woman:

Donate your unused frequent flier miles to help a soldier get home on leave: