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Charity Event for Relief


I just wished you all to be aware that I will be personally hosting a seminar in which 100% of all profits will be donated to the UN / Red Cross relief efforts for victims of the tsunamis.

I will be conducting a six-hour clinic on February 11 in Secaucas, New Jersey.
For six hours, we'll go over Olympic lifting, kettlebells, RAT? Club training and just about anything else we can in the time from for a mere $200 per individual with the entire profits directed towards the relief efforts.

I truly hope you'll attend and help those make a difference for those who are in such dire straits. For further information or signing up please visit:


In faith,

Coach Davies
Founder Renegade Training


Dnic will be there, maybe even Jake Nic will make an appearance. I'll bring some other hard core guys from Socal who want to make a difference. All out there listening, check out this event, Jet Blue, watch out.


Thanks D, I knew I could count on you and hopefully more of the SoCal crew will be along. I'm glad we all can band together for this. We have a similar effort with all ebooks/articles and also looking into putting together a special DVD as well but the seminar is the first step.

Hope big J is doing well...talk to you later and if you think we can do something in the Bay area just count on me rolling up.

In faith,

Coach Davies