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Charity by State

The National Generosity Index, calculated by the Catalogue for Philanthropy, has served up this year’s list:


By my count, the first Blue State represented is New York, ranked 26th.

Also, have a look at the Having category measured against the Giving category. Top four givers: Wyoming, Utah, Tennessee, and Texas.

This is very telling. I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten more attention from this group.

What a great revelation, I am sure it won’t get any play by the media, we are supposed to condsider their intelligence as their charity. we are so lucky to have such a well educated and highly qualified media establishment, just watching Dan Rather lie on national television is the elite medias idea of charity. Seriously though, the left is so rife with hypocrisy, the more I learn about liberals, the more I disdain. I am a warrior, I want to start fighting libs, for fun of course.