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Charity Accused of ‘Body Shaming’

People are genuinely mad at this Cancer Research UK for this ad in the tubes.

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People get mad over everything nowadays. That and call me crazy but there ain’t nothing wrong with a healthy dose of fat shaming.


I would, but that would be shaming people with mental illnesses.


I’m fat. I hate that my lack of self control let me get here and am working to change it. I am “ashamed”. Can you fat shame yourself and thereby oppress yourself?



I honestly can’t tell if you agree or disagree with me.


After reading the article I am reminded that there are such creatures as “fat activists”. How do I get that job? Where do you apply?

  1. Having a Twitter account and a bad attitude doesn’t make you an “activist” for any cause.

  2. Affirmations and self acceptance do not make excess adiposity attractive or acceptable to everyone else.

  3. As a libertarian anyone else’s fatness shouldn’t bother me or be my problem. In the real world population obesity increases the costs for every healthcare service we pay for. With socialized medicine that means their fatness is our burden.

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[quote=“Basement_Gainz, post:7, topic:229278”]
After reading the article I am reminded that there are such creatures as “fat activists”. How do I get that job? Where do you apply?

They’ve been around for a long time. Someone with foresight would have joined in the early 2000s.

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As a UK citizen they are certainly a burden on the NHS. Quite literally a huge burden.
I see no point in my income going towards paying for a beluga whales self-induced heart disease operation.

I’ve never seen a fat person with natural grey hair, I wonder why? Oh right they all die before 60.


Now you’re just being silly. There’s a variety of possibilities. Perhaps they just stay at home a ton, I’m guessing there must be delivery for everything in the UK (we have it here in Singapore, so I’m assuming). Why leave the house when you can literally have groceries delivered to your door steps?

Or maybe, fat people have a higher tendency of dyeing their hair cause it allows them to feel all pretty inside.

Man, I could probably go on for a while so I’ll just stop right here.


Just read through some of their statements and their overview…interesting…being a former fatty (not morbidly obese, but fat) I guess I don’t understand the entitlement.

Some of the wage disparity and that jazz has got to come from the fact that you’re going to expect more pay out to insurance based on the fact that a morbidly obese individual is going to have more medical problems that you’re covering with your company’s health plan.

I’m sure the reason for the influx in manatees is a result of it being accepted culturally not fast food.

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My grandmother weighed 350 pounds and died at 82 of diabetes. She didn’t get out much either.

Shaming and oppressing yourself based upon external judgments is often called “internalization.” Really internalization can also apply to good feelings about yourself, like your parents love you so you love yourself, but most of the time people talk about the negative aspects.

There is also “learned helplessness,” in which people try and fail and try and fail and try and fail until they give up. Alternatively, there is the saying that insanity is doing the same thing again and again expecting a different result.

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I am 100% sure that the person annoyed at the Charity staying at her current weight/size will not make it to 82. not by a long mile. My prediction would be that getting past 40 would be a stretch of the imagination.

Wage disparity.

More than healthcare expenses. If someone walks into an interview who’s 400+ lbs any reasonable person would have questions about their self control and their maturity.

The NAAFA wants body size to be a federally protected class. Pray this doesn’t happen.

• The introduction, passage, enactment, and enforcement of local, state and federal legislation
which adds “height and weight” or “physical appearance” to the categories protected under
statutory laws on equal employment opportunities.
• That all employers, both public and private, hire and promote without prejudice towards size
• That employers provide adequate space, equipment and furniture to allow persons of size to
comfortably and safely perform all jobs for which they are qualified.
• That employers substitute performance tests for height and weight restrictions when hiring,
promoting or retaining employees.
• That existing affirmative action programs include “height and weight” or “physical
appearance” as a factor to be considered when promoting diversity among employees.
• That attorneys, career counselors, and employment agencies, both public and private,
actively assist fat people in fighting for equal access in employment.
• That fat job seekers assert their rights to equal employment opportunities and publicly
protest any discriminatory policies, actions, or attitudes they encounter while seeking

So me, as a future gym owner, have to not discriminate against those who are out of shape and should hire them despite the fact they are unfit (literally) for the job. Christ.

Your goal is to lose money?


Let the fat dicks get cancer.

Thin out the herd.


There was a guy who used to post here that praised fat people. The fatter they get the more he looks like a “demigod”. I think it was @csulli .

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