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Chargers vs. Pats ?


I don't know about you guys but I can't wait for Sunday. I think the Chargers vs. Patriots is going to be a great game. I'm pretty pumped just thinking about. I can't wait to see L.T. and the Chargers defense square off against Brady, Belichek and the Patriots. Any predictions? I know everyone is picking the Chargers and how can you not. But. The Patriots looked damn good.
I'm not sure but I might be tempted to pick the upset.



Is is just me...or did the Patriots sort of "slip under the wire"?

It's funny how a Team can have a season better than the majority of the NFL, and be considered a "poor" season because they don't look as strong as in the past (or more vulnerable).

I told a colleague: "I'll be damed; the Patriots are going to be right back in the Super Bowl because people weren't watching them".

Brady is pissed; Pro Bowl Voters are stupid; and Bellichek will "do what is necessary" to neutralize any and all weapons the Bolts have, including LT...

War? Yes.

Winner? I have NO idea...



IMO, this IS the "Superbowl". I'd really like to see the Chargers win, but I'm afraid the Pat's experience and recent performance surge will give them a narrow "W".


I would think that if you asked Marty Schottenheimer that question his response might look like this:

"Well Dawg, in 17 playoof appearanced I've only won 5 games. More importantly, I haven't won a playoff game in 14 years. On the other hand, Mr. Brady has a nearly unblemished playoff record. Quite frankly, the Patroits are just one of those teams that have all the hardware neccesary to win playoffs and Superbowls, while we haven't proven that to anyone. So Dawg, I would say there are some pretty good reasons how people could not bet on us (I'm one of them, *wink)."

Just saying that's how the conversation might go.


Somehow the Pats always manage to get looked over. It was an injury plagued season with: Eugene Wilson, Rodney Harrison, Jr Seau.
I think we are gonna upset the Chargers.
Belichick always manages to bring a whole different type of gameplan into the playoffs. He will be prepared on Sunday.
Im hoping that Indy wins (even though I hate Peyton Manning) and we beat the Chargers.
I would love to face the Colts and shut them down.


One of the reasons people were saying the Patriots didn't have a great season was because that whole division was pretty weak this year.

It's like the Bears to me... They didn't have a good year, they had the weakest schedule in the NFL and what did they do? Almost lose to Arizona! What a joke.

I'm going to take the Patriots because that whole Merriman situation (his attitude about Jason Taylor's comments on Defensive Player of the Year in regards to Merriman) just turned me off of the Chargers.


I think that's the first time I've ever heard a Divisional round game referred to as the "Superbowl". Why is this any more deserving of that moniker than the Balt-Indy game or whatever matchup takes place in the AFC title game? Not to mention that there are a couple of teams on the NFC side that had pretty good seasons (Chicago and NO) that can put up a pretty good fight.

It wouldn't surprise me if either team wins by 2 TDs.





DB this game just has that feel. Maybe I'm crazy. It's just that the Pats are have been totally under the radar and then all of sudden it's like Damn do they look good. We all know how good the Chargers are. I would be hugely surprised if the Bears even make it to the SuperBowl. The Saints -- that's an interesting story. Indy and Baltimore I'm looking forward to that game too. But -- the Patriots vs Chargers just looks huge.



I was thinking the exact same thing.  talk about a team that been off everyone's radar.  All we heard was the Pats defense isn't what it used to be, Brady lost all his receivers, they lost Mangini, etc. etc.  But then you look at Brady's stats and he seems to keep finding people to throw to.  Their defense looked stout to me.  
But, the Chargers Defense is awesome and Brady is going to face an incredible pass rush.  But the Pats O-line is a proud unit.

It's going to be a War.


While the Balti-Indy match-up has all the makings of an epic game, it's simply my opinion that the Chargers and Patriots are the best teams in the NFL (coaching, offense/defense completeness, high level of execution, star-caliber players, "story lines", etc., etc.). I just don't perceive the other teams to be as worthy. That's why I said, "IMO, this IS the "Superbowl". My two cents.

I do have to agree with the OP...I'm really excited for the games this weekend. Thank God none of them are on NBC!


its going to come down to qb vs. qb. I give the edge to Brady.


the pats are a money team.


I do think the Pats are a pretty good team, but I also think you guys are putting too much stock into a win over the Jets. After all, they did get skunked by Miami on 12/10 and eked out a win against non-playoff Jax on 12/24. Still, I think all 4 games this weekend look very interesting - today. It won't be the first time that an NFL weekend didn't live up to the hype if all 4 games are blowouts.



It should be a great game. I'll take the Pats 31-28.


Sure, because the two teams are exactly equal in all other aspects. That is some in depth analysis there, killer.

  I find this matchup very intriguing.  In some ways it reminds me of the Patriots first Super Bowl.  Remember it was I think 2001 and it was against the Rams and the Patriots were big time underdogs.  The Rams were the most explosive team in the NFL--period.  Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, Tory Holt, Azir Al-Hakim, Proel etc but most improtantly --  Marshall Faulk.  Remember him?  How quickly we forget.

The Pats had struggled all year and 1/2 way thru lost the star QB Bledsoe and brought in a virtual rookie Tom Brady. Who else did the Pats have? Who Knew? As we all know the Pats won that game. It was a huge upset at the time.

This is gonna be a good game!!!!!


I am sick of hearing about Brady's 11-1 playoff record.

What about the defense that has held their opponents to an average of 16.7 points durng the same playoff span?

Let's give credit where it is due. Brady is a fine QB when there is no pass rush and his defense is playing well. He is also capable of throwing 4 interceptions if his O-line isn't perfect.

This game, like most others, will be won at the line of scrimmage.

Neither teams skill players are that much better than the other teams.

Brady vs Rivers. Both good.

LT vs Dillon and Marouney. MVP and two very good running backs. They are all capable of a great game.



I totally agree.  I think it will be won or lost at the line of scrimmage.  The Pats O-Line will be severly tested.  The Chargers D is unbelievable.  They have a bone rattling pass rush. They are much better than the Jets D.  

 I think the game really comes down to that.  As much as I'm talking up the Pats I'm taking the Chargers.  I think they'll win by a field goal.


What qb isn't???

"A fine qb" that's just ridiculous.

Bradshaw--great defense
Stauback--great defense
Montana--great defense
Favre--great defense

common thread running through all of their superbowl wins. Ohh yah

Dilfer--great defense
Manning--NOT SO GOOD!

Brady is a first ballot hall of famer.