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Charcoal Vs Gas Grilling


what do you use and why?


Gas. Easy.


Both, I have a duel side by side barrell grill.


Charcoal. Not as easy or convenient, but the flavor is far superior to gas. In the summer I barbecue almost every night though so I use a gas grill a lot as well. However, my gas grill has a dish inside of it for woodchips. I have a shitload of cherrywood chips and throw a bunch of them in when I bbq any sort of red meat. I use a blowtorch to get 'em going, then just let the gas do the rest.

I use one of those chimney things when I bbq with coals so that speeds the process up and I don't have to use those bullshit coals from Kingsford that are covered in lighter fluid. I also use the wood chips when I use coals; I just keep them on the outer edges of the coal pile to add some flavor. Of course, then there's the coals that have the little chunks of hickory already in them. You can get a bag of them for about $5 from Trader Joe's.


Propane. I'd rather taste the meat not the heat.


Gas for the everyday, sometimes adding in wood chips. Charcoal and wood chips in my smoker.


I use charcoal but my grill has a propane ingintion for the coal. so it is almost as easy as a gas grill, but with the flavor of charcoal.


I agree! Charcoal for me as well.


Charcoal - When you want taste to be good
LP - When you want taste to be now


Charcoal. I feel the taste is superior. May just be a placebo like effect, because I know a lot of people who say they can't taste a difference, but I can.


Double blind test.


Charcoal. Always


Foreman. Look I got bills.






I prefer using charcoal. My last apartment provided a gas grill and it was a lot worse.

If you go to Wegman's, they have wood charcoal which I find is better than the briquettes.


yeah cowboy charcoal is great


100% natural lump charcoal only, none of that briquette chemical bullshit.


Yes that lump is the cowboy charcoal i use.


LP now mostly.

I used to use a webber but I grilled a lot less with it because of the hassle and you have to plan better. Taste is better though, especially if you don't use charcoal lighter fluid.