Chaotic Workouts Evaluation Plz

I wouldn’t say I’m new to physicality or bodybuilding but on an experience of knowledge basis, I am a beginner and am willing to admit that. I don’t think randomly slamming benches and doing frat curls till my arms felt like they were going to fall off with no real program, principles or general study of the field qualifies me in any way…thus I am a beginner.

Anyways, I am not really on a program, I have basic principles I go by but I do not have a set program or specifically defined…rather at this point in time, physicality is my goal.

Anyways, I wanted to share some of the workouts I’ve done this week, just to get some advice on where to go from here.

I was doing a routine off an on during last semester, during winter break, I’ve started doing other things. As my previous routine was based off this article, don’t laugh, and I wasn’t particularly zealous about it.

In addition to this I box, about 2 hours everyday, at North County Boxing Gym by my school the University of Missouri-Saint Louis.

Here is what I did on December 17th, yesterday.

3x20 Pushups
3x100 Sit Ups
3x100 Squats
^^^Warm Up^^^

I threw in some cross fit style stuff because my brother had been suggesting it, so I tried this out.

1 set of 80lb Bench (held in dead center of bar) x 50
1 set of 50 lb Curl x 50
1 x 50 lb alternating military and french press

The next part was kind a power lifting routine, I cooked up in my head. I did all these exercises in an alternating fashion, I did not follow one to the other back to back.
Incline Press

Set 1 at 100lbs x 8
Set 2 at 100lbs x 6
Set 3 at 100lbs x 1=fail
**My incline press is really weak, I don’t know why. I need help building up my upper chest.

I planned to do.
3x150 lb bench press but I ended up not being able to do one at 150 lbs. Probably do to the pushups, however I ronically I tried my work on the dumbells instead. I guess I have specified my technique for the DBs because I was able to do this.
DB Press
Set 1 at 90 Lbs x 5
Set 2 at 80 on 2
set 3 at 70 on 7

I did after that.

DB Flies
Set 1 at 30 x 5
Set 2 at 20 x 8
Set 3 at 20 x 10

After this I worked my back

Lat Pulldowns

Set 1 at 100 x 8
Set 2 at 150 x 8
Set 3 at 150 x 8
Set 4 at 165 x 7

Cable Rows

Set 1 120 x 8
Set 2 105 x 8
Set 3 120 x 8
Set 4 120 x 10

Dead Lifts

Set 1 100 x 9
Set 2 100 x 10
Set 3 100 x 15

Today, I did another series of lifts for arms and shoulders, an hour job and an hour swim.

1 Hr Jog for Four Miles…Ya, I’m slow.

Arms and Shoulders

All these weights are for individual dbs not the whole set.

40 lb Hammer Curls 3x8-12
40 Lb DB Military Press 3x8-12
40 LB DB Reverse Curls 3x8-12
40 LB DB Shoulder Raises 3x8-12
40 LB DB Zottman Curls
40 LB DB Shrugs 3x8-12
3x20 Pushups
3x 20 second shoulder flex pullups (I’m too heavy to do full pullups right now.)

Then I did alternating straight bar, french and military press curl break downs.

120x 3=3rd at Failure
110x 3=3rd at Failure
100x 3= No Fail, Set 2= 1st at Failure
90 x 3=3rd at Failure
80x 10= No Fail
70x 10= No Fail
60x 10=No Fail
Stopped after this point out of pseudo Laziness

Military Press Break Downs
100x1=1st at failure
90x6= NF Set 2=4th at failure
80x 10= NF
Stopped out Of Laziness

Did an hour of swimming afterwards.

I just want to know, what you think of the stuff I do, I am reading alot on BB and general fitness development. I’d like to know where I should go from here, and how I might correct, augment or fix these kind of work outs, or if there is a particular work out program you would suggest?

I think this stuff up as a go along.

My main goals honestly are no too specific, fatloss, and well getting super strong and super stacked.

I currently weigh 242 lbs, I’m 5’10. I don’t know my bf, but I’m not blubbering or fatso by any means. I imagine my bf is in the 20%s.

Please feel free to insert anything you feel necessary, THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP.

Abandon whatever this mess is and find a solid nutritional plan and training plan.

Read the articles on this site.

You need to pick one goal at a time. Going for two is very slow, and you would be better off choosing on goal and going for it.

Because of your high BF % it may be best to go for fat loss first. Look up T-Dawg 2.0 and nutrition for newbies, and try a program like TBT or 10x3 for fat loss.

Then go for size gains. Look up articles by John Berardi, and because you will be a FFB (former fat boy) after you lose, make sure to read about how to eat as a FFB.

Hope that helps.

You’re a beginner AND you’re designing your own workouts) = that’s a very bad combination.
(I made the same mistake not so long ago)

Find a basic simple workout designed FOR beginners (not BY beginners).

Ya, can and will do, thanx.