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Chaos and Pain?


So, I found the Chaos and Pain website, and I was wondering if it's a good idea for generalized, all-around size and strength.

Here's how it basically works. You go hard and heavy at high-volume on one or compound exercises a day. Say, front squatting and bench pressing for 12 sets of 2 reps at around 80% intensity. You try to keep the rest periods down and generally come to the gym to fuck shit up. After you're done with that, you can do neck or calves or arms or just generally dick around for a little while. The whole point, though, is that you do what you feel like that day rather than following a rigid program. (not to a retarded extent, though. Still gotta squat.) However, the frequency alone convinced me that the site's owner has a potato-sack sized scrotum. He apparently goes full-body five to six days a week! (and looks like he does, too. Guy's traps are definitely developmentally dope)

tl;dr: Noob wonders if he should adopt high-risk, high-return strategy of busting ass in the gym every day on 2-3 different exercises for many low-rep heavy sets.


With the little you described it reminds me of Sheiko routines, check that out if you're not familar with it. Basically it is like powerlifting style template/ideas.

I glanced at the website and aside from the high cheese factor of it, it is nothing new. I mean, the guy seems very intense obviously, but I can't help but chuckle at his overzealousness.

In a nut shell, try many, many things and find what works for you and your goals. If you are looking for balls to the wall type routines check out Smolov, that 100% seperates the men from the boys. In my opinion though, if you are a beginner, training with such strategies can be a bad idea. You can't expect to have never operated a motorcycle and then decide to go race with the pros at the Daytona Sportbike race-- because you'll just end up crashing and burning.


Hmmm a guy that trains a lot without any plan grounded in balance or symmetry has gotten strong on the lifts he concentrates on, and built a very obviously unbalanced physique while calling everyone else fags?

Yeah sounds like a great role model. Go for it.


Well evidently he doesn't care about balance or civility, but he's a pretty strong dude. He emphasizes heavy lifting, good eating, and consistency. Aside from a couple personal issues, what's not to like?

Also, smolov looks great. I could really sympathize with anything that lets you go apeshit crazy on occasion.


"potato-sack sized scrotum"?