I quite like the idea of the Chanko diet, because I’m a student and it’s inexpensive and easy to follow. Has there been anything else written about the diet? Anyone had good results with it?

I’ve used Chanko when i’m low on $$ and I need to feed myself. It’s kinda a last ditch thing for when the bills get to high. I usualy use White rice, sweet canned corn, and canned tuna or chicken. It’s O.K. but it’s definatly NOT marinated chicken with sweet potatoes!


When I’m bulking I use a serving or two of Chanko a day. Not the most yummy, but it gets the job done and is cheap!

What is Chanko and the Chanko Diet?

TC wrote it a while back, if you do a search for chanko you’ll find it.

I found chanko worked pretty well for me for bulking. It’s pretty easy to stick to, and you can always just go to a Chinese restaurant in a fix.