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Chanko Diet

Anyone try it? Does Chanko taste good?


Looks very easy. Whats a good tasting MRP?

[quote]Hawkson101 wrote:
Looks very easy. Whats a good tasting MRP?[/quote]


Last winter, I ate Chanko a lot. It was easy to whip up a tub and put it in the fridge. I could quickly eat it cold or hot with little preparation. If it is too bland, add soy sauce or other spices.

It’s a great meal if you’re in the process of using up any old MAG-10 stores…

As stated, I usually added some sauce for flavor - I liked low-fat terriyaki or hot sauce.

I mix it up on sunday enough for the week.
brown rice, couple cans of tuna, and can of corn. Put it in 5 cottage cheeze containers. I eat it every day at ‘green tea’ break in the morning. I put a bit of virgin olive oil and italian dressing and pepper on it…good stuff and way too easy…