Chanko Diet Question

I was wondering if it would be Ok to substitute about 40g Designer Whey Protein for the Meal Replacement found in the original protocol for TC’s chanko Diet? Is that too little? Also, i’m using ‘Fat free’ milk. Is that the same as the required skim? I am also taking GNC’s Mega Man.

Thanks guys…big fan of the site and the forums!!

I read somewhere that fat free milk is sometimes just regular milk watered down enough where it slips under the rules of labeling. A food can be labeled fat free if it has under a gram of fat per serving. So I’d go with skim just in case.

i asked at ShopRite, they said ‘fat free’=‘skim’, thats the new nomenclature. I’m hoping they’re right. thanks for the reply davo2

Subbing a protien powder for the MRP should be fine, an MRP has more carb content than a protien powder alone but I don’t think it will make that big of a difference as long as you are horking down tons of chanko all day. I was successful using this diet and I only used plain old protien powder myself. It’s a good diet for people that haven’t ever done the super scrutinized diet calculations that some of the other diets call for. I changed a few other things as well. The chanko recipe he came up with was too bland and boring for me so I used sweet corn and sweet peas instead of just corn, and I switched out the tuna with canned salmon ‘fillets’ (kirklands brand at costco, it’s just meat, no bones) and roasted chicken breasts that I had brined ala rumbochs recomendation in the ‘chef’s step up’ thread. Oh yah, and throw in a couple of chicken buillion cubes, and sprinkle some Mollymcbutterworths powdered butter stuff in when you cook your rice. Makes it alot more palatable. I also ended up measuring and calculating the total calories etc so I could be a little more “scientific” and the diet worked great. It is kinda boring, but the simplicity was hard to beat. Good luck packing on the muscle!