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Chanko anyone?

Is anyone out here still eating Chanko style? I know low carb seems to be in, but everytime I attempt fat fast or T-dawg, I get terribly bloated and my digestion is horrible, as well as headaches and immediate brain fog. I’m a flight instructor, so I need to be alert at all times and low carb just isn’t for me. Eating Chanko meals however, I’m hungry within an hour after eating a 500 calorie meal and feel great. Obviously my body is telling me something. I’m now using some Androsol that I had left over and lowering the calories to diet down a bit, and was wondering if others were eating successfully this way.

Brain needs carbs to stay alert. I do not necessarily eat “chanko” style but I eat alot of rice and pasta. I don’t sweat the carbs, because I burn them. If it is working for you keep doing it.