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Changing up the Posting Name

Just thought I’d post a quick message to let you guys know that I’ll be using my entire name, Eric Cressey, as my posting name from now on. I’ve noticed a lot more Eric’s on the forum lately, so I figured I might as well distinguish myself. Plus, I figured that posting this message would ensure that you won’t flame me like I’m some newbie (which seems to be happening a lot lately). Anyway, thanks for listening. Keep up the good work, everyone:)

Bet you didn’t expect to get a reply. I didn’t want you to feel lonely. However, I am going to keep calling you Eric. Thanks for the praise for my good work.

FLAME FLAME FLAME FLAME… i have no idea why i did that

Read the FAQ and then do a search under “changing your forum handle”. You should find out everything you need to know about this topic. Oh wait, you’re not a newbie. Oh well, talk to you later bud!