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Changing TRT to Bodybuilding Cycle


I'm 41 years old, 6 ft, currently 172lbs (was 158lbs 10 weeks ago),12% bodyfat diagnosed with low Testosterone...mainly low libido... (in the 300s)

Never did want to go on TRT permanently...just wanted to go on for a bit to feel once again what it means to have the libido of a 20 year old, get a in shape (get lean), build some muscle...

Found a clinic that did prescribed me testosterone replacement therapy (TRT):
Did 10 weeks, 200mg testosterone cypionate + 200mg deca durabulin once per week, 500 units of hcg twice a week, 1.2mg of anastrozole three times per week.
Just finished the 10 weeks and I feel quite good.

I expressed some concern to the clinic regarding long term use of these substances as my health comes before my increase in libido...yet they suggested I go straight into another 10 weeks and then take a brake if I really wanted to....that would be 20 weeks of straight use of low doses of anabolic steroids...they say that testosterone replacement therapy is not done in cycles like in bodybuilding, yet I don't want to be on that stuff permanantly nor can I afford it.

They are suggesting me to continue another 10 weeks and take 200mg testosterone cypionate + 200mg deca durabulin once a week, 500 units of hcg twice a week, 1.2mg of anastrozole three times per week

Question #1: is this OK to do 20 straight weeks with above mentioned substances and dosages and then take time off or shall I take time off right now (after the first 10 weeks) and before I go on for a second round of 10 weeks?

Question #2: If I were to compress this second stretch of 10 weeks into 5 weeks ,doing 400mg instead of 200mg per week of testosterone cypionate + 200mg of Deca per week, would I need to double the dosage of hcg and anastrozole? Reason of me contemplating doing the 400mg/week Test is that I really want to put on some weight on my skinny body...

If I change my TRT to this kind of "bodybuilding cycle", will I need to do PCT or am I taken care of since Im taking anastrozole and hcg DURING cycle?

Please let me know



Yup...the adex and hcg won't do shit when you stop

You will probably need it on your current "cycle"

So your doctors say that these drugs aren't to be cycled, but yet they sell 10 week "cycles" of the drugs? lol...that would be funny, it it wasn't so egregious...

Find a good doctor, get on legitimate TRT...


1) Get away from this clinic as fast as you can. Deca has no place in TRT. They are also ripping you off. Assuming you have insurance, TRT is quite affordable. I pay a standard copay for my test and hcg, buy my AI online, and insurance covers most of my twice-yearly blood work.

2) Educate yourself about what it is you are doing, and/or looking to do. Read the stickies in here and the steroid forum (if you are wanting to cycle). Based on the questions you asked, it is clear that you haven't read them.

3) Find a real TRT doc. See the stickies.

4) Reread the stickies a second or third time. I've been doing this for a couple of years now, and still find myself asking questions. Often, I've read the info but don't remember it. I can usually find the answer in the stickies :slight_smile: