Changing Training Time - Change Meals?

Hey there…

I’m thinking about to change timing of my trainig…
Since allways I’ve trained like between 3pm and 6pm depending from the day…

Age 29
Height 175cm
Weight 91kg
Bf 10-13%

Now I’m without a job due to the corona s**t…
So i was thinking about to workout earlier because i get lazy during the day because of doing nothing and just hanging around the house…

My diet plan looks something like that;

  1. 40g protein + 100g oat flakes grained(mixed into powder)

  2. 4 scrumbled eggs + 100g beans + 60g white chease + mixed meat(from :canned_food:can) + some chia seeds

  3. 100g rice mostly (sometimes mashed potatoes but more so i get the carbs) + 250g chicken breasts


  1. 60g protein + 80g mix carbs

  2. 250g cheese specles(70g carbs) around 40g chese + mostly 150g tuna

6 mostly a snack like sacndwich or so

I tried to go workout after eggs but i don’t have the energy to do a good workout i feel that…

So what could i change so i could hit gym earlier?

Any ideas?