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Changing the T-Dawg Diet To Fit Me?


I've been reading up on the diet and just how a few more questions about it.

recommended protein is 1.5 g/lb would upping it to 2 g be a prob, is ask because my g-flux high through my job, sports activity and weight training on top of that so basically if i follow the 1.5 g/lb rule along with the 100/70 carb rule then my fat intake is a huge daily intake about 60%, so making it 2 g/lb would make my protein slighty the largest macro.

Basically i want to increase it to 2 g because of the extra thermic effect of food and all the calories im eating, i realize that my body my not use all the protein but im looking at it for body comp purposes.

The only question i have is... is it important to have my fat percentage greater than protein while on relativly low carbs so fat is used more preferriently as fuel instead of protein being turned to as the main source of fuel.

and looking at the meal reccomendations going along with breakfast having the carbs and being the biggest on off days, you'd most likely add fat too, are you guys doing this. Would there be anyprob having some oatmeal, half a banana, milk, protein powder and peanut butter even though it one of those evil F+C combos provided the rest of day is just P+F

Also when coutning carbs, should it be all carbs or like carbs - fiber.

For example .5 cup oats has 27 carbs, 4 are fiber, so would it be 27 or 23 carbs (dont wanna be to anal but it could make a differnce)

also do you generally count calories or carbs at all for things like broccoli and lettuce

well sorry guys, im sure i could've made this much more brief and less picky, but thanks for the help anyway


No uping the protein wont be bad but DONT short yourself on the fats. Fats are VERY important in diets all of them. You need the fats and the 60% is that of the K/cals or the grams of macro. K/cals then that aint that high remember fats are 9k/cals per gram as opposed to 4k/cals for protein and carbs.

No for this I wouldnt mix High carb and fats. Later in the day lower carb from veggies etc the fats are great but Id stear clear of it in the AM. Only time I really avoid mixing them myself is with my oats etc. Later Ill mix then with fruits etc. and well getting more liberal all the time just making sure I eat GOOD food. But find what works for you.

sorry for the mixed messages. Just if your going to follow T-Dawg for a purpose and its desired effect id use the diet as made for a while and adjust intake amounts from there staying with the general rules. Then as you learn how things work and reach your goals you can adjust slowly.

What are you trying to use this for any way?? Goals??


Thanks, i'd still be getting close to 100 g of fat give or take a day.

Still though as far as coutning the carbs do you subtract fiber, like oatmeal .5 cup 27 - 4 g fiber = 23 carbs and do they want you to count like broccoli and lettuce at all or is it up to the person and how precise and exact they wanna be.


10 g is ok for some one around 200 or lower

fiber subtract?? Yes.

Broccil etc count yes for the real diet yes k/cals and what make them up but hell it takes a ton to do much. dont sweat it that much.