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Changing the suggested schedule

Is it okay if instead of doing mon\wed and tuesay\thursday like ian king suggest in 12 weeks to super and limping that i do mon\thursday and tuesday\fri? also how did everyone who did these two programs like them?

Hi Bob,

I did Mon/Thurs and Tues/Fri.

I got on very well with the programs and increased on all lifts and also put on quite a bit of weight.

I think this was due to the program, my eating habits at the time and that fact that I was really motivated and focussed on proper training/nutrition.


I don’t think he suggests M/T/W/Th.

It’s always been M/T/Th/F in the stuff I’ve read.

There is no way King would have you lift 4 consecutive days in a row. Re-read it.


He suggest that you do m/w for the series, but he never suggest what to do when combining the two. That’s why i aksed. thanks.