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Changing the Order of the Days


A few years back, I changed the order of the days on 5/3/1 so that I squat on a Monday. I figured that if I am going to be walking around like I've shat my pants I might as well do it on the company's time so I can be active with my family on the weekend.

So my question is, if Squats are on Monday, what is the best order for the remaining exercises? I originally just reversed it to Squat/Bench/Deadlift/Press but I was wondering if Squat/Press/Deadlift/Bench might be better? Or does it not really matter?



I'm not Jim, but I think you're over thinking it a bit too much. IMO it doesn't matter what day the main lifts get done on as long as your pushing them hard, you're able to recover, and you're seeing progress.


That is fine man. - Lower - Upper - Lower - Upper...


I can do any day, any order BUT I have also had the best success with what EHG said with a 4 day a week training schedule. Generally speaking, I get more rest/ food over the weekend so on Monday I am freshest. I train the squat that day. Wednesday is my bench day because I can bench with sore legs, whereas had I had benched Monday, my back wouldn't allow me to squat to the fullest potential. If I do deads on Monday my upper back is beat to shit so benching on Wednesday is less than stellar. I do 'Best' with Squat,Bench,Dead,Press. Then again, I am nearly 41 so I'm not as 'bulletproof' as I once was :slightly_smiling: Your mileage may vary. Hope this gives you something to think about.


Shit, I am only 24 and I train 2-3 days/week. I find if I do 4 days/week other shit gets left behind, like conditioning and mobility stuff. Also If I do 4 by the time I get to day 3/4 I am not as excited to lift as I was on days 1/2. If you are feeling beat up give 2/3 days a try.


yes, I admittedly do more " I'm not doing jack shit"or " I'm doing the minimum shit", lately, than I should. It's deer season. :slightly_smiling: Last year I killed some deads. Next day I killed a 150# Buck. Had to drag his ass out of the woods on an 85 deg evening Up a steep hill, across a field, to the side of the road so I could go get my ride. Next deer I killed was also after Squat day. There must be a deer and lower body correlation? lol.

I tried a 3 dy a week thing but my mind kept telling me I was a dead beat. Need to tell myself to STFU lol.


I'm 42! :slightly_smiling: My press hadn't been going up for a while so I wondered if doing it at the end of the week was holiding it back. I'm about to swap from 18months+ of BBB to Simplest Strength template and see how that does me for a few cycles.


Haha, yeah dude. Listen to what your body is telling you, shut your mind off.



Thats all I do. Started doing the Agile 8 everyday as well. I feel a lot better than I did when I was training 4 days/week. My lifts went up too...that's always good lol.


I prefer to use a 4-day split. I feel overall more productive with my exercise when I do and more over; time in the gym is like meditation for me, it's therapeutic. Especially after a good workout I feel better and the world just seems to slow down around me. Plus I just feel better at work afterwards too.

When I first started back on 5/3/1 I prioritized my deadlift and did a, Deadlift, OHP, Squat, Bench Press split. Now I've prioritized my squat so that and the DL have swapped places. I like keeping my Bench Press last on Saturday morning because it gives me added motivation to wake up and get my ass to the gym.


Just do whatever you want - the order doesn't matter much.